Friends of Stathern School (FOSS) are a small group of people; all who are currently parents of children at Stathern School.

We meet in an informal manner and work together to raise money for the school. Here on the website, you can see our current fund raisers and find out what we are raising money for by clicking on the 'Events' tab or check out our latest newsletters.

In the past we have bought new technology for the school, reading books and helped to pay for school trips and experiences for all year groups.

We have a designated chair person and secretary though we do things very informally and everyone has a great time.

In the past we have organised BBQs at some of school events and we all look forward to the Summer and Christmas Fair. We also organise children’s discos, adult Curry and Quiz nights, Burns night, Christmas tree sales and many more things alongside. Our main aim is to raise some money for the school while making sure everyone enjoy themselves at the same time. If you think you want to help, please contact Mary Swain via the school office - we'd love to have your support.

Your support really is invaluable to our fundraising.