The Early Years Foundation Stage is often known as the ‘EYFS’.  This is the curriculum we use in Class 1 with the Reception children and all this learning underpins their future learning and skills as they head into the National Curriculum.  The EYFS covers learning from birth to 5 years old so we deliver their last year of the stage.  This year builds on and helps set the foundations for their ‘school readiness’.

In Class 1, we are extremely passionate about the delivery of the Early Years Curriculum.  We strongly believe that for children to learn, they firstly need to be happy, content, good communicators, celebrated, encouraged and feel valued.  We pride ourselves on the children being nurtured and their individual needs catered for.  Our learning environments (indoor, outdoor and the woodland walks) are set up to encourage independence, risk taking, team work, problem solving, creativity, focus and curiosity.  All activities and lessons cover the 7 areas of learning that the EYFS offers. 

We have so much fun in Class 1.  We dance, laugh, sing, share news and celebrate each other’s achievements on a daily basis.  Each and every child that has come through our doors has made coming to work so easy.  They really make the atmosphere feel alive with happiness and excitement.  We feel very lucky to be able to see the children grow through their first year of school and build on their natural love of learning.  Those early years are extremely special.