British Values

In our school we actively promote British Values in order to prepare all children to be responsible and respectful members of the community. Examples of this are explained below.

Democracy - Pupils have the opportunity to share their views, opinions and suggestions through our Class and School Council meetings, election of school councillors and making contributions within the curriculum. Pupils contribute to school evaluation and development through questionnaires.

The Rule of Law - Children are introduced to our three Whole School Rules from the Early Years, developing an understanding of the importance of laws in a fair and just society. Rules are discussed both in class and assemblies and the concept of fair play is promoted in PE lessons. Children understand that they have a responsibility to follow the rules and that there are consequences when rules are broken.

Individual Liberty - Children are encouraged to have high aspirations, to make choices and to participate fully in the opportunities that our school offers. We strive to ensure that children can enjoy and achieve in all aspects of school life regardless of any barriers that they may face. Children are regularly taught strategies to keep themselves safe.

Mutual Respect - To ensure that children understand how to show respect for themselves, for others, for the rules of the school and society, respect is one of our core values. It is important that our children show respect for all members of their community, including these who are different to them in terms of age, needs, beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and culture. Children are introduced to role models from a range of backgrounds.

Tolerance - In our multi-cultural school children learn about and celebrate different cultures and faiths through Festivals and Celebrations i.e Diwali, Assemblies and RE lessons. Opportunites to learn about the lives and beliefs of other cultures and faiths are taught through the whole school curriculum. Assemblies and Anti-bullying week are opportunities to address prejudice and its effects on society and individuals.