Sports Crew 2019/2020

Lunch time skipping challenges
We have had a great start to the term with lots of challenges being run by pupils at lunchtime. The most popular has been the skipping challenges run by class 2. Pupils have been trying t beat their skip scores for 30 seconds of skipping and trying out backwards and cross skipping too!! A big thank you to all the pupils who have been running the club, keep up the good work!
By Mrs Rozentals
Football House Tournament
A massive well done to Ash House for winning the first house tournament of the term. There was some fantastic football played by all four house teams and a good variety of age groups playing too! A big thank you to our new sports crew members for officiating and helping to run the event and we look forward to the next tournament.

This month Sports Crew have created a new game called “Dodge them all”! This game was created at the Sports crew training at Brooksby College with Clare Marlow. This game was created by Liv, Arthur and Danny. We have decided to play it at school at lunchtime. We have had lots of good reviews from other children school and we now run the game on a Monday and Thursday lunchtime. This game has been very successful and we have now made a league of teams and whoever gets the most points at the end of term will win a prize. We hope this game will stay popular and keep everyone active!


By Liv

Sportshall Athletics

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I took part in the athletics tournament recently. I really enjoyed doing the obstacle relay with: Matilda, Megan and Amy. It took place at Brooksby Melton College and at first sight I was very nervous because there was a lot of people there but it looked very fun. We did very well and came joint fifth. Overall it was a great day, I really enjoyed it!

By Charlotte 


Recently, Sports Crew went to Brooksby Melton College. We did different activities: putting people into groups; to improvise in a small and big area; tested out our own games and tried out other people’s games. My favourite part was when we tried different games.

By Lilly

Cross Country
Massive congratulations to all pupils who have taken part in the Area Cross Country championship races at Prestwold Hall over the past 3 months. Despite the awful weather, all pupils who have taken part have given 100% effort. We look forward to the next round pf races in the New Year.
By Mrs Rozentals
Christmas lunchtime activity competition
I entered the Christmas lunchtime activity competition and won! My game was called "decorate the tree" and you can play it on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes. My favourite part has been watching the children try to hit the top star with the bean bags.
By Emily
Change4life lunchtime activities
As part of the Daily Boost campaign Sports Crew members have been using the Chnage4life actvity cards to get pupils involved with 15 minutes of physical actvities at lunchtimes. They have been playing stuck in the mud, piggy in the middle and tag games and setting up obstacle courses and hula hoop games. So far the actvities have been very popular with pupils of all ages, keep up the good work Sports crew!
Mrs Rozentals
National Schools Football week Tournament
This week in school at lunchtime we have delivered a Football tournament for all pupils to take part in. Pupils were able to pick their own teams and be in charge of warming up and coaching their teams throughout the tournament. We ran the tournament over three lunchtimes and pupils that weren't playing were involved with referring, time keeping and line judging.There was some fantastic play from all pupils and all teams developed their teamwork and communication skills!
Winning team = Yellow team with 24 points
Spirit of the games award = Green team for great sportsmanship
Best goal = Oscar Marriot for scoring from the half way line
Best goal keeping = Sandy King
Well done to all pupils who took part!
Boccia lunchtime challenge
A big thank you to sports crew members for running this term Melton and Belvoir challenge of Boccia!! The pupils have had lots of fun playing the game and trying to beat their scores. Noah and Innes from class 4 are currently at the top of the leader board with 21! Keep up the good work sports crew.
By Mrs Rozentals
Stathern's got Sporting talent" competition
For the past week sports crew members have running a "Stathern's got Sporting talent" competition in support of sport relief. Pupils have been encouraged to design their own acts that involve some kind of movement or sporting activity. We have had lots of entries and some fantastic acts! The finals of the competition will be held on Friday lunchtime to decide who will be crowned Stathern's got talent champions!
By Mrs Rozentals
Active Resources
Please find below a list of active resources to keep your children active:
  • Football, Maths and English activities = premier league primary stars
  • Yoga for kids =
  • Sports activities and challenges = Youth sport trust and Sport England
  • Joe Wicks will deliver active fitness sessions live every morning at 9 a.m
  • Disney Dance sing alongs - see Disney website
  • Sports activities and challenges =
  • Disney 10 minute shake up activities =
Hope all these websites will help to keep all your children active and happy!
Sport Relief - Stathern has got talent final
A massive thank you to all pupils who took part in our sporting talent finals on Friday at lunchtime and a special big thank you to my amazing sports crew members for running this competition and designing and making the posters and certificates! Everyone enjoyed watching the top scoring acts for a second time and the winner for KS1 was Alfie in class 1. His sporting talent was dancing! The winner for KS2 was Ophelia in class 4 who's talent was also dancing! Well done again to all pupils who either took part or supported the event.
By Mrs Rozentals
Virtual school Games - Throwing and Jumping challenges
The pupils have had a fantastic time over the past two week completing all the throwing and jumping challenges. Class 4 pupils smashed their speed bounce best scores on Friday, Class 2 pupils were leaping like frogs whilst completing their standing long jump challenges!! Well done to all pupils in school and at home for your amazing enthusiasm for the challenges, keep up the good work staying active and having fun!
By Mrs Rozentals