Religious Education

Religious Education at Stathern School 


Although we are not a Church of England School, we are proud to provide the children with a Religious Education Curriculum.  We follow the Leicestershire County Council scheme from Reception through to Year 6.  In RE,we aim to explore what people believe and what a difference this makes to how we live.  By doing so, it ensures that people can gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle big questions raised by religion and belief, allowing children to make sense of these as well as reflect on their own ideas and ways of living.  We may not realise, but RE is imperative for future job choices. For example, catering – we need to know the dietary choices for different religions, journalism – we would need to have the subject knowledge of religious beliefs and stories if reporting on certain topic.  Then there’s a solicitor, a medical professional, a teacher, a police officer just to name some that experience and meet families from different beliefs and religions.  We need to be made aware and have some knowledge of different religions and beliefs in all walks of life.  This is why we ensure we deliver a broad and rich scheme that allows our children to learn about the way others live.

Mrs Bailey

(RE Subject Leader)