Meetings 2022

School Council Meetings
Following election at the start of term, the school council meets every 2 weeks in Mrs Lambert's office. There is a minute taker, and all classes have at least 1 representative.
Meeting 1 - election of the council and minute taker - Beth. Discussion of how we will operate, share ideas from classes to Mrs Lambert, and how we will collect thoughts and ideas through a suggestion box
Meeting 2 - Suggestion boxes made and plan for the discussion of how we use the boxes in the class, initial ideas from classes, including a whole school pupil target for the School Development Plan. 
Meeting 3 - any suggestions from classes discussed, preparation for the Parent Information Evening presentation by the school council
Meeting 4- any suggestions from classes discussed, Rota set up for the Poppy Appeal collection and selling of merchandise 
Meeting 5 - class votes on Christmas cinema film to be shown, rota for the selling of children in need cakes and cookies