Children In Need Enterprise Day

18th November 2016

On Friday 18th November children paid to come into their very own theme park/fun fair in order to raise money for Children In Need. They had been busy all week, designing games and challenges for each other to take part in and from each game there was a KS1 and KS2 winner! But the real challenge was for each team to get the most customers to have a go at their game - the winning team saw over 150 customers play their cookie challenge where you had to get your biscuit from your head into your mouth. Children also won customer service awards and original game design awards. These valuable business skills will be used later in the year where the challenge will commence again and this time the parents hard earned cash will be involved! A huge thank you and well done to the children and teachers involved - the games were sensational and the spirit of the children as they worked with and supported each other really made the day special.