Active Home Learning

Happy half term everyone,
Hope you are all having a fantastic half term holidays and enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather!!
Please find below challenges and video links to keep you active and having fun this week!
Mrs Rozentals
Hope you are all well and excited for the half term holidays!
I have attached a yoga plan to celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow (Friday 12th February).  I hope you enjoy trying out the different yoga poses with your family members.
A big thank you to all parents and pupils who have sent in their tracking sheets for the Melton and Belvoir 20 minutes over 21 days challenge. I have loved hearing about all the different activities you have been enjoying and watch this space for more activities and challenges! Remember the deadline for tracking sheets is tomorrow!
Stay active and most importantly have lots of fun being active!
Mrs Rozentals
Hi everyone,
I have uploaded a video with a rugby challenge for you to try out over the weekend! You can either try and beat your score, try out the different progressions or have a little competition with your family! I hope it gets you in the mood for a fantastic weekend of Six Nations Rugby action!
Mrs Rozentals
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Morning everyone,
Just to let you know that Bee Netball (England Netball) are hosting a live zoom event this afternoon at 4.30pm, in support of Children's Mental Health Week. You need to click on the link below and register with your parent or guardian for the event. 
This weekend is the start of the Rugby Union Six Nations competition, which involves teams from the British Isles, France and Italy competing for Six Nations Cup! Coverage is live on the BBC and ITV channels with England vs Scotland live on ITV tomorrow afternoon from 4.15pm. Watch this spcae for some rugby themed challenges for you to try out this weekend!
Have a great weekend,
Mrs Rozentals

Morning everyone,

Hope you are well and have been enjoying the snow that we had last week! I have been having lots of fun outside with my two boys Thomas and Williams building snowmen and going for fantastic snow walks!

Thank you for your brilliant emails…it’s great to see you all staying active and having fun completing the PE activities and challenges! Keep up the good work being active at home and don’t forget to fill in your score sheets every time you complete 20 minutes of exercise/activity. There are two weeks left of the Melton and Belvoir challenge and lots of prizes to win such as a gift card for Leicester Golf centre and a free 2-hour session at Leicester Outdoor pursuits centre!

You can also get involved with a World Record football attempt – all details will be posted below!

Please see below extra activity ideas:

  1. World Record Football attempt challenge
  2. Joe Wicks PE sessions are live on his YouTube channel and Fridays is a special dress up session, so pick your favourite dress up costume and have some fun with Joe! My boys dressed up at Captain America and Iron Man last week!
  3. Train with Marcus Rashford, football and fundamental skills. Go to the Premier League Primary Stars website for more details.
  4. One piece at a time active puzzle game by getset4pe. I will attached details of the game below or you can visit the getset4pe website.

Keep sending your emails and pictures into myself or your class teachers and I look forward to hearing about what activities you have been taking part in!

Mrs Rozentals

Hi everyone,
Next week starts the Melton, Belvoir and South Charnwood school games 20 minute active challenge for this half term!
The challenge is to complete 21 days of 20 minute physical activities. I have attached a recording sheet. information letter  and a table that contains lots of ideas for how to be active for 20 minutes for 21 days!
I hope you have lots of fun trying out new activities and being active with your families and look forward to hearing how you have done.
Mrs Rozentals
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Summer Championships last week. I hope you managed to tune into BBC radio Leicester on Monday but Stathern came 2nd Overall Primary School in the whole county. That is a massive achievement and Mrs Rozentals and I are so proud of each and every one of you! We also placed 2nd overall in the ball skills category and 3rd overall in the inclusive sports category. I have been told I will receive more individual results before the end of term so I will let you know.
This is a massive achievement for such a small but mighty school! There were over 100 schools that took part so well done!!
Don't forget to print out your certificate and I have added some photos of the children in school who took part so please send me yours, even if you are trying the activities this week. It is staying active and having fun that is the main thing!
Well done,
Mrs Minnaar and Mrs Rozentals :)
Hi everyone,
Next week (22nd-26th June)the whole of Leicestershire and Rutland are taking part in a big Summer Championships and you have the opportunity, like your school mates, to represent not just Stathern but the whole of Melton and Belvoir.
Some have you may have taken part in the Summer Championships before or may have seen older children wearing the blue t shirt after competing against other areas in Leicestershire. At Stathern we have had at least one team get through to the Championships every year for the last 6 years so next week is your opportunity to get involved and there are lots of prizes to be won!
Throughout the week there are 11 different challenges you can take part in (5 for pupils who may need adapted challenges). We'd like you to take part in at least 1 challenge per challenge category (minimum of 4), Each challenge has a link to a YouTube video clip and is summarised in the attached word document below.
To enable me to collate all the results and for them to be considered for rewards, I will need them to be sent to by Friday 26th June at 9am.
You can also go onto the Leicestershire and Rutland Sport page for support messages from ambassadors and more information if you are unsure. Also please fell free to email me on the above email if you have any difficulties accessing the activities as I would love to see as many children from home taking part as possible!
So good luck, the weather is looking brilliant next week so get involved and represent your area!
From Mrs Minnaar
P.S. Would also love to see any pictures or videos of you and your family doing the activities at home to share with the children in school!
Happy Sunday everyone,
I have attached 'Week 3' below for the Virtual games. Thank you to those children who have sent in their personal bests.
This week is running so have a go and let me know how you got on by emailing me pictures or by filling out your personal best on the document and getting your parents to email me at
Good luck,
Mrs Minnaar :)
Hi everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed the warm weather we had over the last couple of weeks and have managed to get active in lots of different ways. Children in school have been participating in the 'Virtual School Games' which all children across Leicestershire and Rutland have been doing and we hope you have been getting involved too. Thank you to the children that sent me in their results, I have attached 'Week 2' which is the jumping week so give it a go and send me your results on Even better send me pictures or videos of you having a go so I can share it with the whole school.
Also don't forget about the design a logo competition I set at the beginning of lockdown.
Mrs Minnaar
Well done to Arthur for getting involved in the Virtual games- great personal best!
Hamish practising his football skills in the garden, great dribbling around the dog too! Keep up the good work!!
Two fantastic competition entries already, remember there is a prize for every school and the overall winner will have their design printed as the charity logo plus lots of other GB goodies.
Have a go and send them in to the email.
Mrs Minnaar
Thank you Danny for writing a great blog (please click on the link and read it and see the challenge he has set and also the 2 pictures he has done with his family).
Great to see you are keeping active during lock down!
Please keeping sending me your pictures and videos so we can all see what fantastic things you have been doing!
Mrs Minnaar
Blog from one of our Sport's Crew members!
Hi, I hope you all are staying safe, happy and keeping active! Over the past few weeks I have been taking part in many fun activities, such as: tennis, football, bouncing on the trampoline, going on a family walk, family bike rides and many more! One of my favourites is riding on my bike because I get to see the beautiful scenery surrounding me and have fresh air. On top of that, I have enjoyed doing some of the tasks on our schools Active Home Learning page. There are lots of other sports you can attempt, those were just some of the activities I have done! Make sure you check the Active Home Learning page because Mrs Minnaar and Mrs Rozentals have uploaded lots of fun things to do at home. Not only can you do all of those things above - you can even create your own activity!
Thanks, Charlotte Year 6
We are apart of a cluster of schools who work with a company called Inspire+, they help us to provide the varied and fantastic sports opportunities we have in school!
Below is a competition and link for you to design a logo for GB athlete Jonathan Broom-Edwards, who is one of their ambassadors. There will be a winner from Stathern who will win a signed piece of GB clothing and that entry will then be judged against all the other schools and the winner will get their logo on the t-shirt of Jonathan's mascot but it will also become the logo for his forthcoming charity.
This is a fantastic opportunity for Stathern to show their creative side and I can't wait to see all the entries. Please follow the instructions on the youtube video and then email your entry by either taking a photo of it ( please keep the original as when we are back in school I will collect them in) or if it is created on the computer it can be attached and sent directly to the same email.
Please can all entries be submitted by June 19th, (obviously we may be back at school by then but didn't want us to miss out on this competition if we are not).
Good luck,
Mrs Minnaar

Leicestershire and Rutland Sport and BBC Radio Leicester have jointly launched an activity challenge called ‘Active Foxes’, utilising the SportSuite Activity Tracker on the LRS website. The aim of the challenge is for the people of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to log a total of 515 hours of activity (at home or by following government guidelines on daily excerice) by the 2nd May (the number of hours that it took Leicester City Football Club’s regular 11 players to win the Premier League on that date in 2016).

Have a go, log your activity and be apart of a big community effort to stay active through these challenging times. Feel free to send me pictures, blogs or videos or what activities you and your family have been doing. Here is the link below, Mrs Minnaar

Well done to Arthur and his family for getting lots of personal bests in the first challenge! Please send me your attempts too and I can add them to the website and see what fun you have been having :)
Easter competition extended. Please send us either pictures of you doing the activities or a drawing which your parents could take a picture of or you doing the activity. Would love to put the pictures and your ideas up on the website! New deadline Sunday 26th April.
Look forward to seeing what you have been doing to stay active,
Mrs Minnaar

Easter themed workout competition

Morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the lovely sunshine over the weekend!

As its now the Easter holidays I thought I would set you an Easter themed competition! Hopefully you have already tried out the Joe Wicks P.E class on youtube – if you haven’t tried one out yet, they are live every morning at 9 a.m and are running throughout the holidays too!

Competition – To design/create a Joe Wicks style Easter themed workout. The workout needs to contain different exercises that you would perform for 30 seconds each. Try and make as many of the exercises Easter themed, for example one of the exercises could be bunny hops! Try out your workouts with your family over the Easter holidays and please send in any pictures you have and I can upload them to the website!

I have included a template for you to use and decorate with Easter pictures or you can design your own.

Deadline for all entries is Friday 17th April and please email your entries to and remember to use your parents email account. Good luck everyone!

Personal Best Challenges

To help you keep active at home we are going to be setting personal best challenges. These challenges will be like the activities that we normally deliver at lunchtimes. The aim is for you to try the challenge as many times as possible and try to beat your score as many times as possible and achieve a personal best score. At the end of the week you can email all your scores and pictures ( make sure you send all your scores in and highlight your personal best score) to using your parents email account and we will post the scores and pictures on the school website. (If you don’t want your child’s scores or pictures being uploaded to the school website then please state this in your email.) There will be a score sheet uploaded which is optional to use. Good luck everyone and look forward to hearing about how you have done!
Mrs Rozentals
Personal Best Challenges
Challenge 1 - personal best scores need to be emailed to
Challenge 1 = the highest number of star jumps you can complete in 30 seconds.
Challenge 2 = the highest number of bounce and catches of the ball you can make after bouncing a tennis ball on the floor in 30 seconds- younger pupils can catch with two hands and older pupils can catch with one hand!
Try one or both of the challenges as many times as you can over the next week and we look forward to hearing about how you have done! Try to get everyone in your family involved....parents too!!
I have posted some pictures of my two sons taking part in the challenges, they have loved trying to beat their scores! Good luck everyone!
Mrs Rozentals
Hi everyone,
Hope you have been trying out lots of the websites for fun ideas to keep active whilst you are at home. My two sons have really enjoyed taking part in the Joe Wicks PE lesson at 9 a.m every morning and we have also enjoyed the Minecraft and Harry Potter sessions on the Cosmic yoga website!
I am posting a few task cards below that you might recognise from lunchtimes with ideas for actvities and will be setting some challenges for next watch this space!
Stay safe, stay active and have fun!
Mrs Rozentals

Active Resources for all children


  1. We have a subscription for a company called ‘Teach Active’ and they have very kindly offered a free homework page which gives you lots of different active maths lessons similar to what your children would have normally been doing in school. They link to the national curriculum and you can choose different areas of learning. So have a look on your class page and see what your teacher has set you and then go on the website below and see if you can add an active maths lesson with the same subject to your week- good luck and have fun learning and applying Maths-
  2. Premier League Primary Stars- This website has lots of free resources that are suitable for all aged children and are split into PE, PSHE, Maths and English resoures. All you have to do is sign up (no fee) and you can access all of them.
  3. Yoga for kids will help not just for them physically but help them mentally too, the following website is also offering a free download of their app for 2 weeks but you can access most of their sessions on the website or youtube=
  4. Many of you may know Joe Wicks who is a personal trainer who has already helped boost children’s acitivity within school and he announced this week that he will deliver active fitness sessions (30 minutes) live every morning on his youtube channel (The Body Coach) at 9 am Monday- Friday so try your best to get involved-
  5. The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign put together 5 videos with a Disney theme and they are great fun and a good way to get everyone in the house being active no matter what your ability and like I said above I would love to see lots of videos taken from you attempting to do these dances together when we all can come back to school-
  6. In school we have been doing lots of sports activities and challenges on the gonoodle website, they can also be found on youtube if the sight is slow as I sometimes struggle and with everyone working from home the chances are the internet won’t be running at its best-
  7. Disney 10 minute shake up activities- these are great quick activities to give you a brain break =

I hope all these websites will help to keep all your children active and happy and remember I will keep checking regularly to check they work and add more variety as I find it.











Hi Everyone,
On this page myself and Mrs Rozentals will be posting lots of different activities and challenges for you to do at home and in your garden to help keep you active and healthy!
I will be looking at the page regularly to update it with any changes or new things I find. Make sure you have fun (like you have been with your teachers) doing lots of different dances, activities and challenges.
Kobus (my little boy) and I have started with the 'Under the sea' Disney Dance Along and it was definitely entertaining for Mr Minnaar to watch so would love to see your videos of you exercising and being active with your family when we can all be back together again! We all need to make sure we keep a smile on our faces through this challenging time.
I'm so sorry I couldn't see you all on the last week of term but hopefully we will all be back together soon and remember to be kind and stay active!
Mrs Minnaar :)