Sports Crew 2018/2019

House Football Tournament


On Friday we have been doing football down the bottom of playground. The referees are highly trained so don’t mess with them. The scores on the doors are

Oak= 14

Willow= 12

Ash= 20

Birch= 16

Come and play or support you house

From James


Gymnastics Blog


On Friday 21st September my class went to a gymnastics class. It was very interesting. First we started with some fun exercises; we did squats, star jumps, cartwheels and handstands. My favourite activity was using the tumble mat, which was really springy. I did lots of cartwheels and bunny hops.


By Tess Ceney

House Football Tournament

On a very wet Friday four house teams (plus supporters!) turned out for the house tournament finals. Birch played Willow in a gripping 3rd/4th play-off match. There were plenty of chances from both sides but Birch scored the only goal and won the game.

The final followed between houses Ash and Oak. Both teams attacked strongly and had chances but couldn’t score any goals. The game went to golden goal and Arthur Dobson scored a fantastic goal to win the game and the tournament.

Well done Ash house and a massive thank you to all the pupils who played and sports crew members for officiating, you all did a fantastic job.

By Mrs Rozentals

Sportshall Athletics competition
On Thursday 22nd November, the fastest runners from all the schools in Melton and the Vale competed in the Sporthall athletics competition.There were really tough competition and Stthern ,anaged to achieve 3rd overall out of 10 amazing school. We won a lot of our races including both boys and girls. It was a great day out and we had a lot of fun.
By Amelia Leaman

House Basketball Tournament

We had some fantastic play from all house teams and Ash and Oak made the final. It was tense and all pupils played well but the score was a draw at full time so we played golden goal. Arthur scored a goal fopr Ash house and they won.


Well done to all players and sports crew for running the competition

Roundup of events at Brooksby show jumping competition

I went to brooksby on the 16th November and got two rosttes. So when we first got there I was shaking with nerves but I then remebered I had been here before and felt better. I went to go and see the course while my mum tacked up Poppy my pony. I was the first to go in the 40cm class. Poppet had two massive spooks, but I stayed on, we carried on and when we got to jump 12 we were done.

I got joint 6th and I was very pleased and thanks to my mum and poppet.


By Molly Starmer


A review of the lunchtime challenges that are being run for Key stage 1 pupils by members of Class 2

Personal challenges by Tilly and Alice

Our challenge was to run in and out of hula hoops for 30 seconds. The best score so far is Tilly with 6.

Personal challenges by Ruby, Scarlett and Jessica

Our challenge was to Bean bag throw as many bean bags as you can and as far as you can into hula hoops. You have 30 seconds and we use a stopwatch to time. The best scores so far are Lilly and Skye with 98 and Tilly with 21.

Personal challenges


At lunchtime we are doing different personal challenges such as hurdles, basketball shooting and dodgeball and after we are handing out certificates for Respect, perseverance, passion and teamwork. On Fridays we are running and officiating house tournament games which have been really fun and lots of pupils are taking part.


Well done to all sports crew members for running their challenges, keep up the good work!


By Clara Ceney

Year 5/6 Basketball tournament
A massive well done to all the pupils who played at the tournament last Friday at John Ferneley college. All pupils demonstrated a high level of skill on the court and great sportsmanship to fellow competitors. As ourselves and Frisby had won all of our games it went down to goal difference and we clinched it by several goals so a massive congratulations! We look forward to playing the final against Bottesford B in the New Year.
Mrs Rozentals


On Friday 7th December, Stathern entered a basketball competition at John Fernley in Melton. There were 8 children in each team. Oliver Mc, James, Lucy, Amelia, Olivia, Jack, Charlotte and Arthur were in the Stathern team. Stathern finished 1st out of 8 schools so they will play Bottesford b in a mini final to have the chance to play at the Leicester Riders arena. The coach for the team was Mrs Rozentals.



Try a new thing


Over the Christmas holiday many of you may be going skiing, or attempting a new thing. To help get you active over the Christmas holidays sports crew have set a competition. If you try a new sport (e.g. skiing )or a healthy food (e.g.pomogranet or a fruit or veg) then for the competition draw a picture and label it or write a poem about what you thought about it . We will judge them on the first week back 8th of January 2019

Sports Crew


Sports crew this term have been really successful in making people try new sports, making people have fun with sports, handing out achievements, and with the sports competitions on Friday. Next term we are continuing the self-challenges and competitions down the bottom of the playground. Thank you for everyone that has taken part in our challenges and to sports crew for running them. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year.

Year 3/4 Handball Tournament
On Wednesday 16th January we went to the handball tournament at Brooskby college, Won won 3 games and lost 1, and we played with team spirit. My favourite bit was playing as a team.
By Daniel Parker-Allen
Sports Crew Lunchtime Challenges
Well done to everyone who has taken part in the challenges so far...a few more weeks left of term to have a try at a new challenge/sport or beat your best time!
Swimming gala
On the 31st January eight childreb aged 9-11 went to Melton swimming pool. We started off with a relay with four people and then there were three races for each year group. We then did our own races.
It was really good fun and most of the people from last year did it this year and there were some new people doing it too. I really wish I could do it next year but unfortunately I am in year 6, so it is my last year. I loved it the same as last yeat though.
By Molly Starmer
KS1 Cross Country
A massive well done to all 19 pupils in KS1 who took part in the 1km Cross Country event at Longfield School last Friday. All the pupils enjoyed a fun warm up and were excited for the race. The girls raced first and really supported each other around the course. Megan and Jessica for the first two girls back for Stathern! Next up were the boys who all sprinted off down the course and made it back in record time. Archie and Arthur were the first two Stathern boys back.
By Mrs Rozentals
Year 5/6 Basketball competition
Massive congratulations to all seven pupils who took part in the Basketball finals game that took place last Monday at John Fernely school. The team played against Bottesford B team who were the winners of their tournament. The match started off well with Stathern scoring baskets quickly and by half time the score was 4-0. Bottesford faught back though in the second half, with some fantastic play and the score was 5-5 with one quarter to go! Stathern gave one last push though and Arthur scored a fantastic long shot to take the lead and win the match. It was a great team effort and massive good luck to the pupils who will play at the county finals on Tuesday 26th March.
By Mrs Rozentals
My horses and I
Hi my name is Molly and I am 11 years old. I have two ponies called Poppet and May. I have been riding for 6 years and I don't know what I would do if I didn't do this.
On Saturday 2nd March my Nun and I took part in the Quorn Hunt ride, it was eight miles and the horses were so tired afterwards. We galloped over fields and it was so much fun. I jumped over a little log that as about 40cm and it was brilliant. Then on the 9th March I went to Aylesford and did some show jumping and cross country in the arenas and it was great fun. I hit my lip and nose when riding May and it really hurt. I went with two other girls who did well too. A big thank you to my Mum for helping me all the way.
My Molly Starmer
On Tuesday 26th March, pupils from Stathern primary school competed at the year 5/6 basketball competition at Leicester Riders arena. We were representing Melton and Belvior. The team played very well and showed great: passing, shooting and awareness but unfortunately we lost all our games. Well done Stathern!
By James
Sports crew Media
Year 3/4 and 5/6 Hockey Tournament
A massive well done to all 12 pupils who took part in the Quivk sticks hockey tournament at the end of last term. The event took place at Melton Mowbray hockey club and lots fo schools took part. Both teams played with fantastic energy and team spirit and plenty of goals were scored by all pupils!
The year 3/4 team came 5th overall and the year 5/6 team came 3rd, narrowly missing out on a finals place by one goal in the semi finals! Well done to all pupils.
By Mrs Rozentals