Curriculum and Homework

Curriculum Overview:



  • The school offers a curriculum that inspires children to change the world for the better.


  • Knowledge is skilfully taught and shared to engage children in projects that ‘make a difference’ to the local community and the world beyond.


  • Children embed knowledge in their long term memory and develop skills alongside a clear of understanding of purpose and context, linking their learning to the world they are living in.


  • Children are always encouraged children to ask ‘why’ we learn about things. There is a great emphasis on high level vocabulary and the ability to articulate their learning and emotions.




  • The careful implementation of an engaging and inspiring curriculum develops knowledge and skills that children can use for purposes set in real life contexts.


  • These contextual applications challenge and engage pupils in equal measure. Lessons deepen pupils’ knowledge skills and understanding across the curriculum.


  • Subject leaders ensure that there is a high quality, overall specific plan of what children need to know in each subject. Senior and middle leaders support the design of an enterprising and creative curriculum where children make a difference to local society and the wider world through their projects.


  • There is a consistent approach to feedback and marking for all learners. Pupils know how to improve their work, led by improvement prompts – verbal and written.


Overall Impact Aims


The four words in our school motto explain the overall impact we have on children at Stathern Primary School. Our children develop a sound understanding of what they mean:


Nurture – We care for each other and celebrate our differences, achievements and contributions to the world. We support each other through challenges and difficulties, recognising that the mental health and well-being of both ourselves and those around us is one of the key factors in our happiness and success.

Inspire – We inspire each other to greater heights through our communication, actions, support and achievements. We take inspiration from the people, places and events all around us. We recognise that whether a situation is good or bad, there is always learning and growth to be gained. These situations inspire us to make positive change a reality.

Discover – We are excited to discover new knowledge, skills, people and places. We are open to alternative ideas beyond our own and enjoy exploring the thoughts, conversations and solutions that others bring to different situations and experiences.

Create – We enjoy working together to create new exciting solutions to make our world a better place. We believe we can make a difference no matter how large or small. Our school is a place where we can experiment and take risks in order that we might better ourselves and the world we live in.

Find out what the children will be studying in the curriculum throughout the year by clicking on the link below. If you require further information about our curriculum then please contact the office using the e-mail:
Curriculum Intent Statements 2020-21
Knowledge and Skills Maps (including Themes and Topics)
Phonics -
At Stathern Primary School we use a bespoke programme of Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics all tailored to the needs of our individual children.
Class 1 2020-21
Class 2 2020-21
Class 3 2020-21
Class 4 2020-21
Class 2 Homework
Every Day
Read to an adult
Hand in all homework
Spelling test Year 2
 New spellings given out
Spellings test Year 1
New spellings given out
Maths homework - All
Tables test and new tables given out to learn - Year 2
Spelling pattern homework given out - All
Holiday Homework There will be at times topic homework set in the form of research or a challenge. I will try to notify you of these on a separate letter
Class 3 homework

Every DayRead to an adult and practice times tables.

MondayShow spelling practice to Mrs Hill, spellings to be written up into full sentences.

TuesdayMaths homework due in.

WednesdayTimes tables test and new tables to learn.

Thursday- New maths homework sent out.

FridaySpelling test and new spellings to take home over the weekend and show evidence they have begun to practice them for next test.

Every 2 weeksGuided reading homework. This will be written in their reading log with which Monday it must be handed in on so please check with your child.

Class 4 Homework
Every Day Read to an adult
Monday Hand in Maths homework
Tuesday Times Tables Test and new tables to learn
Tuesday Maths homework set
Friday Spelling Test and new spellings to learn
Every Two Weeks Guided Reading homework. This will be written in the reading log. Please ask your child!
Long Term Overviews 2020-21