Class 4 Remote Learning Spring 2021

Hello Class 4!
Wow what a week! I have been blown away with the remote learning work that has been hand in to me this week. Keep up this great work ethic, I am so proud of you for it!
As of Monday 11th January, our remote learning will be accessible on Microsoft Teams rather than here. The main reason for this is that I am able to deliver 'live lessons' throughout the week to support your learning on Teams. The interactivity between us will enhance your learning as well as allow you to 'see' your classmates. 
I know that a number of you are already able to access Teams as you have been handing in work and communicate on there this week. For those of you who haven't, I have individually emailed parents/careers with your login details (the same logins as Mrs Lambert sent out before Christmas). 
If you do experience any issues, or have not received your login details then please do not hesitate to email myself on the class4 email and I shall resend them. 
As you will see on Teams when you login, our first live lesson is at 9:30am on Monday morning. You can access this meeting by clicking on your 'calendar tab' and 'join meeting'.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all on our first live lesson on Monday.
Miss Widdowson
Hello Class 4
I was desperately sad to hear the announcement last night which meant that we would return to remote learning; Mrs Dee and I were looking forward to seeing you all in person. I know many of you will also be disappointed and were very much looking forward to returning to school. 
As you are aware, this means that your work this term will be remote rather than face-to-face. There are two places that you will find our remote learning for this term: here on the class page that you are currently reading and on our Class4 Teams page. The work on both pages is identical and ultimately I would like us all to move over to Teams as it does allow you to hand in your work and communicate via a chat function if you are struggling or need assistance. To enable me to see how many of you are able to log on and use Teams (a letter was emailed out to parents last term) then please either complete the work on there, or write 'hello' on the Class chat page as you login. I know a number of you have already done so this afternoon.
Remote Learning
Remote learning does provide us all with a number of challenges, usually trying to organise who has access to a device at which times during the week as I know many of you have other siblings who are also trying to access their home learning and parents often need their laptops as they are likely to also be working from home. It is important as a family that you plan around this the weekend before so everyone knows who can have access to which device when. 
Each week I will add five English sessions, five maths sessions and then other topic and mindfulness activities.  Again, with these sessions I will include a PE with Joe link but this may be substituted with an outdoor family walk or bike ride, bouncing on the trampoline, your on-line dance and acro lessons or other active sessions for the week; this means that you wont need a device!
The maths and English sessions have been given an assignment date but these are guidance to help you to know which session to do on what days. If as a family, you are busy or unable to complete the work set on a particular day then that is not a problem as these can be completed the following day or even at the weekend.  If you are struggling and need help but your parents are also trying to work from home then this is where you may find the 'chat' function on Teams useful as either myself, Mrs Dee or another member of the class may well be able to help. Can I remind you though that chat on Teams is strictly for work and a friendly hello and must be used responsibly. 
The other sessions that aren't English and maths are there to help keep you motivated and enjoying learning; choose them in order of your own interests and don't worry if you run out of time. It is important that English and maths are your priority along with reading daily. 
I appreciate this is not our ideal way of working but I know that you are all superstars who understand the importance of ploughing on with the work as routine and structure, along with learning and keeping the mind and body active, really does do wonders for your well-being. 
Miss Widdowson
Below are the resources needed for Wednesday 6th January for English and maths
Here are the resources needed to complete the work set for Thursday 7th January
Below this message are the resources you will need for English and maths on Friday 9th January. Please only select one of the Tests. Test 1 is the easier test and Test 2 is the more challenging. Feel free to look at both tests and choose the one that you feel most confident with :) 
Select any of the activities below in order of your own preference.