Class 4 - isolating at home

Week Commencing 23rd November 
For those of you who are having to self-isolate this week, please find below work we will be covering this week. The timetable below is for guidance as to when we will be completing activities in class but can obviously be adapted to best suit your own circumstances.  Please note that some lessons will be uploaded the evening before rather than the full week's work as this has been a little overwhelming for many pupils. 
Stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other in your household.
Miss Widdowson
For English, please feel free to continuing with activities linked to last week's resources if you were unable to complete these. 
The 'Inference and Understanding' contains 5 daily activities so please complete 1 activity a day as part of your English sessions and then complete the additional activity uploaded daily.
For all those of you who are self-isolating, please find work to be completed for the week below this message. Remember, that many of you also have a number of mathletics activities and Reading Eggs activities that still need completing that can supplement the work provided.
I can not stress enough the importance of keeping emotionally and physically well during this time.  Joe Wicks has made a number of PE sessions designed for school aged children that can be found online- why not get the entire family involved. A personal favourite of mine to boost health and emotional well-being is 'Just Dance'. 
And of course, take this opportunity to delve into a good book whilst reading daily, 
Take care and see you all soon
Miss Widdowson
For English this week, I have uploaded a resource from The Literacy Shed. This contains a short video clip link and work relating to this clip. All children will be isolating at varying parts of the week and many for only a few days, yet others for 14 days. Some will be fully fit and well whilst others may feel under the weather with symptoms. Taking all of this into account, the resources for English are for your child to work through at their own pace rather than a specific activity for a given day of the week. 
As always, daily reading to an adult and discussing the book that they are reading is also a vital part of developing reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary- please ensure you build time in for this. 
Miss Widdowson