Class 3 Remote Learning Spring 2021

Week beginning 1st March 
Last week of Lockdown learning!!!!
Spring Term 2
Week Beginning 22nd February 
Week Beginning 8th February 2021
Week beginning 1st February
Week Beginning 25th January 
Week beginning 18th January

So here we are in Week 3 Class 3!


It has been brilliant to see all your fantastic work this week coming through the assignments function in TEAMS. We’ve also loved seeing your faces in our little drop-in sessions and know that you have enjoyed seeing each other too. This week we have added a couple of extra sessions so that you get some daily contact and a chance to see each other and share some more of your amazing work and ideas.  Please keep using the chat function to help each other as you work and ask questions, but do remember it is there to discuss class work only.


This week, all of our tasks are available as assignments on TEAMS. We have also added our overview onto the space here and please just get in touch if you have any trouble accessing any of the tasks from assignments.


The main focus for your activities this week is to deepen your knowledge of the Roman Army, key features of the Roman soldier’s equipment and their strategies. By learning more about the UK seas and rivers in Geography we will also learn more about the Roman invasion of Britain.  Our Maths learning moves us onto multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, but please do continue your regular practice of your times tables facts alongside your this.  Our English learning focuses on writing your own Roman adventure story where you are captured by a Roman soldier!


 You have truly amazed us with the way you have engaged with your tasks this week. Your motivation and determination would make the even the Roman army proud. Keep it up Class 3. You’re rocking this!

Week Beginning 11th January 2021
Well Class 3...what can we possibly say other than you are all superstars! We are very proud of the engagement that we have seen from you with tackling your learning at home and many of you have already been awarded many dojos for completing some of your activities that we have set.
We are also blown away by how quickly many of you have started using TEAMS and have begun chatting with eachother. It is wonderful to see that you can keep in touch with your class mates as well as continue your learning in a safe environment whilst at home. We have learnt many new tricks this week on TEAMS too so watch this space! This week we have uploaded your learning on the website as well as on TEAMS with a view to just use TEAMS in the very near future.
Have a look at the weekly timetable to explore the activities planned for you this week and we look forward to seeing you all very soon on TEAMS.
Keep smiling you awesome lot!
Mrs Hill and Mrs Maxwell
English Home Learning
Maths Home Learning
Topic and Afternoon Activities


We couldn't wait to welcome you back this term - the classroom was all ready, the topic plans filled with fun, but sadly it is not to be. But, we've done this before - we can do it again (even in our PJ's if we want!) We know that your independence, resilience and enthusiasm for learning will shine through. We were both blown away by the determination many of you showed last term to set yourself high standards and to strive to achieve them, improving skills ranging from handwriting, spelling, maths problem solving and learning those pesky time table facts! Keep those standards going! Use your time well and remember to balance this with connecting to friends (online!) physical activity and creative tasks that make you happy. 
Below we have attached some resources and links to start off our exploration of this term's Roman topic. You can also make use of TT rockstars and Reading Eggs to give you valuable practise in these key areas.  Details of our new subscription to 'Edshed' will also follow shortly and we hope you enjoy exploring what this online platform offers in maths and in spelling. 
We have added a timetable below to suggest ways you could structure your days and should mean that you can work through the kind of activities you would have been doing with us in class. Lots of these contain links to video lessons or PPT activities you can follow. Any worksheets can be printed off from here or simply viewed onscreen. If anyone has any problems please let do let us know and we will try to solve them! 
As the week goes on, we will aim to add other activities so keep checking back. Most importantly, keep looking after yourselves, get lots of fresh air and do the activities that feel manageable.
Any work you do, please take a photo and email us. We would love to see it and will reply to you.
Take care all of you,
Mrs Hill and Mrs Maxwell
Week Beginning 5th January 2021
Welcome back to school! Whilst many of you are now joining the class from bedrooms, kitchens or dining rooms, we really hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and feel well rested and ready for a new term of learning. 
Please see below for a suggested timetable and a few notes from us about your home learning this term. Please remember this is only a suggestion, as we know every family and circumstance is different. Please feel free to complete the activities in any order and at a time that is convenient to you and your family. 
As a guide, the english and maths activities will cover skills that are important for your child to maintain over this period. We would strongly recommend that these lessons, alongside some daily reading tasks are completed as a minimum. 
Please also make use of Reading Eggs, TT Rockstars and Edshed (coming soon!) to maintain fluency in these areas.  
As always, if you have any questions or need any additional support, please just get in touch via the Class 3 email or by sending us a quick message on Teams.  We will also aim to make video calls to each of you on Friday morning to touch base, find out about your Christmas holidays and see how you're getting on! 
Many Thanks
Mrs Maxwell and Mrs Hill 
We have now sent you each a little message on TEAMS. Let us know if you can access it by replying to us on there, or if you can't, by emailing through the class 3 email!
Thank you!
Maths Learning 
If any of you have any difficulty following the hyperlinked video in Wednesday and Thursday's lesson, the address for the video is also accessible here:
Have fun!
Topic Tasks
A video lesson (ish!) version of Wednesday's PPT is also available on TEAMS. You should all be able to access this through the assignments tab and then you can hand in your completed work by emailing photographs or sending them through the TEAMS chat. You might also like to upload any photos of your finished cardboard villas on Thursday. 
Week Beginning 23rd November 2020
Multiplication and Division
This week we are continuing our focus on multiplication and division, looking again at division in a sharing context, the 4 times table facts and the 8 times table facts. Please follow the links below for video lessons. Worksheet activities accompanying each lesson can also be found below (please note that these are not the white rose maths worksheets referenced in the video - alternatives have been chosen for their focus on problem solving skills as will be covered in class.)
Monday -Session 1
Tuesday- Session 2
Wednesday - Session 3
Thursday - Session 4
Friday - Session 5
Science - electrical conductors and insulators. This will be a practical session and unfortunately not very easy to replicate at home! Click here for a video lesson covering the same objectives as we will be in covering class. 
PE - In class we've been learning handball. Explain the rules you remember to someone at home and practise your two handed and one handed throwing and catching. This could be with a family member or against a wall. Chalk a simple target on the wall or floor (ask first) and practise your one handed shooting. You could even set up a small game of handball using a box or cone as a goal and some willing family members! Don't forget to use positioning and passing to help you move the ball around the court. 
RE - Exploring ideas about Christians belief in God. Click Here for a video lesson covering the same objectives as our in class discussion
Week Beginning 16th November 2020
Maths: Multiplication and Division
In school this week children are recapping division and revisiting this concept through the 2, 5 and 10 times table. This is because these facts should be known facts and therefore your child should be able to focus on using their times table facts or ‘skip counting’ (2, 4, 6, 8 etc…) to answer them, not using objects to calculate. It might be useful for them to have objects to physically divide as the children will have in class in order to have a really secure understanding of division as grouping process and as a sharing process. 
This week, lessons covering the types of objectives we will be covering in class can be found by following this link
This learning is suitable for both year 3 and 4 and corresponding activities and worksheets can be found below

Alternative Challenges

These will be done as alternative activities in class on Tuesday and Friday and are great if you are able to guide your child through the challenges. They both focus on using diagrams and objects to ‘see’ the problem. You might find the teaching notes section useful to read first if you plan to do this, and the extension ideas are brilliant for stretching their brains!

Splitting Plant

Grouping Goodies

English: Setting Description


Computer Coding

This week, take a look at Lesson 7 on You will need the Sign In access code of WTZRKQ to get logged in to access the lesson materials.

Good luck with your coding!

Geography - Land Use in Sheffield
Week beginning 5th January 2021
In class we are learning about batteries and how they power an electrical circuit. We are also learning about the different components of an electrical circuit. Watch this video to show how we will be making an lemon battery in class. Can you explain how it works? Alternatively you might like to look at this science lesson from Oak National Academy on components of an electrical circuit. 
In class we've been learning handball. Explain the rules you remember to someone at home and practise your two handed and one handed throwing and catching. This could be with a family member or against a wall. Chalk a simple target on the wall or floor (ask first) and practise your one handed shooting. You could even set up a small game of handball using a box or cone as a goal and some willing family members! Don't forget to use positioning and passing to help you move the ball around the court. 
In class we are using this time to connect with one another and celebrate the birthdays of those classmates who have been unable to have a party this year due to lockdown. Take some time to think about how you like to connect with others in trickier times and use your imagination to plan a virtual celebration you could have with friends or family. What games or activities work well online?