Class 2 Remote Learning Spring 2021

Home Learning for week beginning 25.1.2021
Hello All,
What a great week it has been seeing you all on our Teams meetings, both Mrs Dunkley and myself have enjoyed working with you in this way and we look forward to next week when we meet again. You have all been fantastic and focussed while working this way, so very well done.
I have been playing this week with our powerpoints, so I have recorded myself teaching you on them as if we were in the classroom and using the whiteboard, so I hope you enjoy them, it did feel a little odd talking to my computer. All of them are saved here on the class page but I have also converted some of them to videos and have saved the English and Year 2 maths on Teams in the assignment section. You can choose which you use the powerpoints from here or videos on Teams, it is a bit of a trial so please let me know which you prefer and how you got on with finding them on Teams. Please don`t worry about the mount of powerpoints below, I have split some of them into different days.
Under PE, Mrs. Rozenthal has provided some Smarty Pilates ideas and also the Melton and Belvoir Sports Challenge for 2021.
Have a good weekend, have some fun time and exercise, I know I will be out walking in the sunshine, hopefully not the rain.
Take care
Mrs Waller, Mrs Dunkley and Class 2 team
Year 2 
Year 1 
Purple Group
2D Shapes
Topic - Geography/Science
Melton and Belvoir Sport Challenge 2021
Hello All,
What a great week it has been meeting with you all either on Teams, the phone or in school and hearing how you are getting on with your home learning. It has been good to hear feedback from parents about how we are structuring the home learning and how well the Teams meetings have been going, it really helps us to know how it is working for all of you, so keep in contact and let us know if we can help or need to change anything.
Children, we are amazed at how well you are adapting to our new live lessons on Teams, it just shows how fantastic you all are. It was great to see lots of you join the meetings and we look forward to more live lessons next week.
Have a good weekend, take care and stay safe. See you all next week.
Mrs Waller, Mrs Dunkley and Class 2 Team
Home Learning WB 18.1.2021
Well, we have all survived Week 1 of remote learning and what a week it has been, I hope you are all okay and have managed to have some fun time as well as learning time. Thank you all for your communication, whether by email or using our new system of Teams it is great to hear how you are getting on and to see the children`s work. Please don`t put extra pressure on yourselves by sending me work every day, a couple of times a week is fine or just at the end of the week. Like always this has to work for you all and your circumstances including your own work and other children so please make it as easy for yourselves as you can. 
Thank you for joining in with Teams, it has been a really nice way to communciate with the children in the chat and to set small assignments. I think it is the way forward for Stathern but I need to drip feed it in slowly as it is a massive learning curve for me and I am sure for some of you as well.  I look forward to chatting with those  of you who are booked in for a meeting next week on Teams. Those  of you who have not had the chance to message me  there are some spaces left and Mrs. Dunkley is going to organise some of the meetings either by phone or by Teams, so it may not be me who gets in touch with you but Mrs. Dunkley.  I am also going to try a couple of live sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, small groups so please look out for an invite to one of those sessions.
Have a great weekend, it would be lovely if some snow arrived for the children to play out in.
Take care and stay safe.
Mrs Waller and Class 2 team
Home Learning WB 11.1.2021
Art and PE
Reading Challenges
Try out the reading challenges below. Use your reading record book to record your journey through the challenges to the final destination.
As the children will not be able to change their reading books I have researched again the website Oxford Owls, I know some of you used this site for reading in the last lockdown. If you use the link below it should take you to the ebooks, once you are on you can click on levels, then book band and you should find the coloured level that your child is on.
I thought this might be a way of enabling the children to continue progressing with their reading.  I hope it is useful, let me know if you have any problems.
Many thanks
Mrs Waller
Home Learning for WB 4.1.2021
Make a snow globe
Happy New Year to you all.
Hello children, we were so looking forward to seeing your smiling faces today and hearing all about your Christmas break but instead Mrs. Tomaszewski and I are working in an empty classroom as once again we are in lockdown.
We will be setting you work and putting it here on our class webpage. We know this isn`t the best way to learn and we will miss all your chatter and super ideas that you share with each other, but you have all done it before and I know you can do it again as you are all fantastic little learners. When you have completed your work then maybe mummy or daddy could photograph it and send it to us via the class email.
Hopefully, we will be able to speak to you soon either on the telephone or on the computer, it will take us a little while to get it organised but hopefully we can chat soon.
Be good, work hard and have some fun. Remember to do your daily exercise, I think Joe Wickes is coming back soon, or you could have a family walk, scooter ride or playing in your garden and don`t forget baking cakes is a great activity.
Take care and we will see you soon.
Mrs. Waller, Mrs Dunkley and Mrs. Tomaszewski
Dear Parents,
Well here we are in Lockdown 3 and back to remote learning, not a complete surprise but I feel very sad that it has happened again and the children are not in school, and I am sure you all are as well.  
Remote learning will be as previously available on the class webpage, I will provide a powerpoint for each subject for the children to work through and complete some tasks. There will be daily sessions for phonics, English and Maths plus some topic,  we will also provide tasks for some of the more creative subjects.  I will include a timetable for some structure but please make it work for your own circumstances, it is just a guide. Please email the children`s work when they have completed some, I would love to see it. Also, if you have problems accessing the work or have any questions then please email me on the class email.
As previously, please complete what you can and make it work for your own circumstances, I know you have work commitments and possibly other children at home as well.
Take care and stay safe
Mrs Waller