Class 1 2018


Welcome to Class 1!


The topic for Autumn 2 is ‘Celebrations'. During this topic we will be learning about each others beliefs and celebrations to do with birthdays, Christmas, bonfire night, Halloween as well as the celebration of Diwali. These are our weekly themes for this half terms topic. These themes will link to a story and support our free choice activities around the room and outdoors. Some of the books we will be looking at this half term are: Kipper's Birthday, Winnie the Witch, Frances the Firefly, Rama and Site, T'was the night before Christmas and the Dinosaur that pooped Christmas.

Reading is something we love to do and we really hope you can share this experience with your child. Once you have read with your child, please write a note in their reading record to let us know how they got on.  

As we are always busy in school, extra help is much appreciated. If you are interested in coming in to school to help with the children’s learning, please speak to the Class 1 staff.

In Class 1, P.E is done every week. It is very important that each child brings their own P.E kit (shorts, t-shirt, jumper/hoodie and plimsoles) and keeps this in school each half term. Please ensure each piece of your child’s clothing is clearly named. This means any missing pieces can be easily returned to its owner. PE and learning is thirsty work so we also recommend sending a named water bottle in with your child too.

We promote independence in the Foundation Stage (Reception), including the children entering the classroom on their own, putting on their own coats, getting changed for P.E and accessing activities independently. Any support with encouraging the children’s independence is very helpful.

We spend a lot of time with the children. But, this doesn’t mean that we see all of their learning experiences, as these will also happen at home. To make sure we have record of these achievements, the classroom has a wallet containing ‘WOW moment’ cards for you to write down what your child has done. These achievements can be anything such as: learning to ride a bike, writing their name or helping out at home. These moments will then go into their folder as a record for their learning.

We are a friendly, caring team and if you ever have any queries about your child's education please talk to any of the class 1 staff.

Miss Heafford

During our week celebrating Bonfire Night, we had organised for the fire engine to come and visit our school.  Unfortunately, both times this week they were called to an emergency.  We talked about how it is ok to feel a bit disappointed that they weren't coming but also how important it is that the fire fighters go to those people and places that need them.  With this in mind, we all decided that if the fire engine couldn't come to us ... we would make one!  Each and everyone one of us got involved and we loved working as a team.  We gave our ideas and listening to each other and with these wonderful skills, our fire engine was a huge success.  We collected and used different items for different things, for example, paper plates for wheels, party hats for fire fighter hats, a drum as a horn, red and yellow building blocks as lights, hand made signs as fire and a pipe as a water hose to name a few.  We played on this all day and LOVED thinking of our own scenarios to spark our own role play ideas.
We've had a great week celebrating Halloween this week.  We had a haunted house in our role play and pumpkins to carve.  We have been busy making our own spooky spiders and decorating Halloween biscuits.
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
We have had the most wonderful afternoon!  Where do we even begin? When we got back we listed it all and we wanted to tell you how much we have done...
  • We continued to explore what we could see, hear, smell and feel using our senses.
  • We raced through the fields, being careful to watch out step.
  • We discussed the different colours that the leaves had continued to change.
  • We talked about where all the puddles had gone.
  • We ran with our friends and adults pulling each other along.
  • We stood in the wind and talked about its power and direction.
  • We shared our thoughts on why the ground had big cracks in the fields.
  • We looked at the footprints of different animals, identified them and thought about which way they were walking and why.
  • We collected lots of different objects and compared these with our friends.
  • We use the magnifying glasses to look more closely at different things.
  • We talk about the effect the rubbish that was dumped had on the environment.
  • We climbed to the top of the field to admire the views.
  • We observed the change in the clouds from colour to position.
  • We walked all the way there and back loving every minute once again.
  • We used our balance and strength to climb the hills and run without falling over.
  • We had conversations with our friends and the adults we were with.
  • We enjoyed each others company.
  • We praised each other and showed interest in each others achievements.
  • We asked if we could come to the woods everyday and discussed our next adventure.

Once again, we did ourselves proud with our team work and perseverance.

Our first day in Class 1:  We have had a super time today meeting all our new friends.  We all came in beautifully and we have loved exploring the classroom inside and outside.  We went to our first assembly and had a look at the new play equipment taking shape.  At playtime we saw lots of familiar faces and enjoyed running around and playing games.  In class we have read stories, painted, built with lego, been in the role play areas, sand, water and also decorated some biscuits for the horticultural show taking place on Saturday.  It's been a busy day!
13 hungry children, 13 pizza bases, 13 set of ingredients can only mean one thing...WE MADE PIZZA FACES! What a fantastic day we have had.  We started off with discussing what foods we liked and went on to share our favourite pizza toppings.  We then sorted the foods into healthy and unhealthy and talked about where the food comes from.  We all had a go at using the interactive whiteboard to design out own pizza's and used mirrors to see all of our features.  Miss Heafford showed us how to cut the toppings carefully and then we all had a go at using the knives and boards with the 'bridge' technique.  Then it was for the toppings.  We all selected foods to make our own faces.  We can't wait to eat them...we hope they are really delicious!
We absolutely love the climbing equipment!
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
We have had the most wonderful afternoon!  Where do we even begin? When we got back we listed it all and we wanted to tell you how much we have done...
  • We explored what we can see, hear, smell and feel using our senses.
  • We raced to see who could get up the hill the fastest.
  • We did huge footsteps and listened to the noise our feet made.
  • We counted how many we reached before our friends caught up with us.
  • We discussed the different colours 1 bush gives us.
  • We discussed why some parts were more muddy than others.
  • We made footprints in the soft ground.
  • We collected sticks and measured these by comparing them.
  • We sound conkers and de-shelled them, talking about our observations.
  • We listened to the helicopter and realised it was getting closer because the noise was getting louder.
  • We predicted what other sounds could be.
  • We shared our thoughts on different textures.
  • We walked all the way there and back loving every minute.
  • We sang songs including 'Baby Shark'.
  • We had conversations with our friends and the adults we were with.
  • We co-ordinated our bodies when we were going up and down the hills.
  • We thought carefully about the shape, colour and size to make our own faces.
  • We found a spider and a ladybird and watched them move around.
  • We shared our experiences of the woods and the walks we go on.
  • We looked at an artist called Andy Goldsworthy who uses nature in his art and tried hard to make our own pictures using the natural materials we collected.
  • We found a rock and we're going to see if it has any fossils inside.
  • We enjoyed each others company.
  • We praised each other and showed interest in each others achievements.
  • We looked at our shadows and discussed how they are made and why they face a certain direction.
  • We met member of the public and showed how polite we are.
We are very proud of ourselves and can't wait to tell you all about our next adventure.





We've had a very spontaneous day after one of our classmates brought in a bird nest to school  We had a great time looking at how this was made, the materials used and watching videos on the internet of real birds making nests.  We were fascinated and learnt all about how birds like fur and feathers in their nests to keep them warm.  We decided that we could help the birds by asking people to collect animal fur from their dogs and cats.  From this we wrote a sign to the public, designed pictures and posters and fastened all of this to the school fence.  We can't wait to see all the fur be attached and watch the birds collect it for their nests.
Today we made a hedgehog house because we learnt how to feed, shelter and save hedgehogs.  Hedgehogs like to be in the hedges!  They also like to eat cat food, bugs and worms.  We decided to put our hedgehog house in the bushes, next to the bug hotel to keep them camouflaged and safe.  In the hedgehog house we have put water and some food.  We collected and used leaves and sticks to hide the house.  Some of us dug up worms and placed near the hedgehog house. (We chose to make this writing brown so it was a secret!)