Class 1 2018


Welcome to Class 1!


The topic for Summer 2 is 'Animal Kingdom'. During this topic we will be learning about different types of animals, the countries they live in, their habitats and how this affects their colouring's and skin.  Our weekly themes and stories for this half terms topic are safari (Handa's Surprise), jungle (Walking through the jungle), nocturnal (Owl Babies), pets (The Great Pet Sale) and aquatic (Commotion in the Ocean) animals. These themes will link to support our free choice activities around the room and outdoors. 

Reading is something we love to do and we really hope you can share this experience with your child. Once you have read with your child, please write a note in their reading record to let us know how they got on.  

As we are always busy in school, extra help is much appreciated. If you are interested in coming in to school to help with the children’s learning, please speak to the Class 1 staff.

In Class 1, P.E is done every week. It is very important that each child brings their own P.E kit (shorts, t-shirt, jumper/hoodie and plimsoles) and keeps this in school each half term. Please ensure each piece of your child’s clothing is clearly named. This means any missing pieces can be easily returned to its owner. PE and learning is thirsty work so we also recommend sending a named water bottle in with your child too.

We promote independence in the Foundation Stage (Reception), including the children entering the classroom on their own, putting on their own coats, getting changed for P.E and accessing activities independently. Any support with encouraging the children’s independence is very helpful.

We spend a lot of time with the children. But, this doesn’t mean that we see all of their learning experiences, as these will also happen at home. To make sure we have record of these achievements, the classroom has a wallet containing ‘WOW moment’ cards for you to write down what your child has done. These achievements can be anything such as: learning to ride a bike, writing their name or helping out at home. These moments will then go into their folder as a record for their learning.

We are a friendly, caring team and if you ever have any queries about your child's education please talk to any of the class 1 staff.

Mrs Bailey

We couldn't read Handa's surprise without tasting all that delicious fruit she carries through the story!  A lovely afternoon spent chopping, touching and tasting pineapples, mangoes, tangerines, avocados, papayas, oranges, bananas, pomegranates and kiwis.  We discussed why these fruits were grown in different countries and not in the UK.  They were delicious.
ROAR! BRRRR! SSSSSS! RIBBET! SNAP! Can you hear all the jungle/safari animals we made?  Our role play area has been very noisy and busy.  We concentrated really well and had to use lots of skills to shape and assemble these wonderful masks.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of our topic 'Animal Kingdom'.  We have been jungle explorers in the role play, designed and made our own African necklaces, watched a live stream of an African water hole, ordered the story of Handa's surprise and much more.
Today we made blow rockets.  We had to all really concentrate on our fine motor skills as it was rather fiddly.  We started off designing the rockets, adding bright colours and patterns.  We then had to wrap our designs around a pencil and seal 1 end.  This was to trap the air and push the rocket off the end of the straws.  Finally we tested them and raced them.  It was great fun to watch them zoom through the sky!
We have had such a busy couple of weeks in Class 1 from making our own rockets, to measuring the distance our shooting stars travel, to creating our own space stories.  We have thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as astronauts in the role play area and taking on our own imaginative space missions!  We've really enjoyed exploring our stories but we have particularly enjoyed reading 'Whatever Next!' and 'Aliens Love Underpants'.  We have enjoyed learning all about the different planets and some of us have been able to recall these learnt facts to other children in school.  It has been interesting to learn why human life survives on Earth linking this to learning about our basic needs and why some other planets aren't appropriate for us to survive on.  Comparing planets and the solar system has been really fun and it has given us lots of opportunities to share what we already know with our friends.
Today we kicked off our Space topic in our independent learning time.  We had astronauts in the role play, technicians in the construction and small world and observers in the art area.  We've really enjoyed sharing our knowledge of space discussing gravity, the sun, astronauts and their jobs and space missions.
What a busy afternoon we have had!  It started off with the us practicing the characteristic of self-control.  Here, we were each given 3 marshmallows.  We were told that we could eat them there and then OR we could hold them and look after them until the end of the day to earn 2 more.  Some of us were a little too tempted and ate these straight away and others managed to look after these for the afternoon.  We talked about when we have to use self control in our feelings and actions too.  We then decorated our eggs ready for tomorrows Easter egg roll, this was very fun and we added details such as ladybirds, chicks, blossom trees, frogs and lambs.
Finally, we said goodbye to the  butterflies we have been looking after.  It was been wonderful to watch their life cycle before our eyes and see how they change and transform.
Easter mania has hit class 1.  On Monday, we read the story 'We're going on an egg hunt!' and we then received a letter from the Easter bunny explaining that he won't be delivering any eggs as they are unhealthy.  We all decided to write a letter to him trying to persuade him that we deserved those Easter eggs.  Our letters must have worked because on Tuesday, he left us clues that we had to read and then find our Easter eggs around school.  Since then we have made chocolate Easter nests with our treats, made our Easter crafts and we are looking forward to rolling our decorated eggs and wearing out Easter bonnets on Friday.
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
This week we had some extra friends with us.  We were joined by the Year 1's!  We loved showing them where we go and had a great time chatting and making memories with them this week.  It was another lovely day as the sun came out for us just as we reached the top of our walk.  Today we focussed on looking for spring changes.  The main things we spotted were:
  • Blossom growing on the trees
  • New buds forming on flowers and branches
  • Warmer weather
  • Ladybirds and bugs flying around
  • The lack of puddles to jump in!
  • Daisies and dandelions
  • Luscious green grass
  • Green leaves on the trees
  • The abundance of sticky weed that was on offer to cover ourselves and our friends in!
We also made our own memory sticks.  Here we enjoyed collecting different things we could find and attaching them to our memory sticks.  This was a way of us being able to share what we had been up to, where we had been and what we had seen.  Some of these were very creative and full by the end of our walk and it was lovely, natural way to document our afternoon.
Once again, thank you to all the adults who came and joined us, making today possible.
After our trip to the farm, we read our story of the week 'The Little Red Hen'.  In this story the Little Red Hen asks all her friends to help her plant her seeds, cut the corn, mill the flour, make the bread and eat the bread.  They all say "no" until it's time to eat it!  We discussed why the Little Red Hen wouldn't share her bread at the end.  From this, we looked into how the corn is made into bread.  Using corn from Mrs Bailey's uncle's farm (from last year) we looked at the corn seeds.  We talked about how the corn has to be dry before it is picked and then thrashed to separate the corn seeds from the plant.  We enjoyed feeling the corn and we also had a go an crushing it with a pestle and mortar to make our own flour.  From this, we went on to measure the ingredients and make our own bread rolls.  We have left them to rest so the yeast can help the flour rise in a warm room.  We can't wait to taste them tomorrow.
Today we have had a very busy day helping on the farm.  From the photos below, I think it's safe to say that we have had a wonderful time at FarmEco in Screveton.  Not only did we help groom the goats, feed the sheep and help with the chickens...we also harvested some vegetables, planted seeds and made our own plant pots out of paper.  We were very lucky with the weather too, making our trip to the farm even more enjoyable.  All of us got involved and we loved listening to Ceri-Anne teach us all about life on the farm and the importance of all the jobs we had to do e.g. grooming the goats helped thin their coats ready for the warmer weather.  A huge thank you to all the adults to came with us to make today possible.
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
Another glorious afternoon spent in the woods for Class 1 today.  We focussed on minibeasts this week as a couple of us has noticed some in our outdoor area.  Before we set off we shared our own stories of what we had seen and where.  We then learnt about the best places to find minibeasts so we were fully equipped to go on our hunt.  We decided we would need spades for digging, magnifying glasses to spot those really small bugs, clipboard and checklists to help focus our search and pots to place them in during observation time.  We showed fantastic care for the environment, teamwork with our peers and concentration.  Each and everyone of us was involved in finding minibeasts.  We found many along the way, some of which were: spiders, slugs, woodlouse, earwigs, caterpillars, ants and worms.  Time ran away with us so before we knew it, we had to head back to school.  We can't wait for the weather to really warm up as we think we will then see so many more different minibeasts.
This week we looked at 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle.  He's a popular author in Class 1 and we enjoyed sharing the names of the other stories he has written.  We decided to plant our own seeds.  These were cosmos, sunflowers, broad beans, sweet peas and zinnias.   We enjoyed looking at all the different shapes and sizes of these seeds as some of them didn't look like the usual seeds!  We have placed these in a sunny place and we are going to make sure we water them when they need it.  We can't wait to watch them grow.
Pancake Day in Class 1 was a huge success!  We all discussed the ingredients we needed to make our pancakes and the method we needed to follow to make them.  Using our eggs, milk and flour, we chatted about where these foods came from and how they ended up in our classroom.  We enjoyed this time because it linked to our topic so we talked about the life cycle of the wheat crop as well as the animals and their produce.  Some of us have our own chickens,so we shared our experiences of how we look after them.  We also went on to discuss the importance of pancake day in relation to Shrove Tuesday and Lent and thought about whether we were going to give anything up.  We also had a great time tasting our home made pancakes.
Woodland Walks in Class 1
We have had another wonderful day walking in the woods! The sun came out so it wasn't as cold as we thought it was going to be.  This week our focus was habitats.  Below are a few things we got up to...
  • We looked high and low for the different habitats we could see - nests in the trees, horses in the fields and stables.
  • We splashed in puddles.
  • We worked together to find and carry the large sticks up the hill.
  • We discussed the different life cycles we knew ourselves - all of us saying living things and talking about what a life cycle was.
  • We collected sticks to help us make a den as a habitat of our own.
  • We all discussed the three thing that a habitat had to be - warm, safe and dry.
  • Using these 3 things, we built our den out of sticks, logs, rope, rocks, tarpaulin.  Luckily Mr King was on hand to lead us in the right direction!
  • We identified animals and matched them to their habitats, discussing that some animals have different habitats and can be found in different places.
  • We all sat in our habitat to test if it was warm, safe and dry.   As the weather was so warm, we had no rain to test if it was dry and waterproof...but luckily Mrs Bailey bought bottles of water to pour on top.  Our den was a success!
Once again, thank you to all the adults who have given up their time to make our woodland walks possible.
We've had a very exciting arrival in class today...CATERPILLARS! We can't wait to watch them grow and develop in class.  Look out for updates on here over the next few weeks.
Well, haven't we been lucky this week with the splendid February sunshine.  We have all felt very spoilt in Class 1 and chose to take all of our learning outside.  Nobody wanted to be inside.  It's been wonderful to not wear our coats and pop our sunhats on instead!
Below is a combination of photos from our first week of the new topic 'The Only Way Is Up!'.  This week we have been focussing on the life cycle of the frog.  As you can see, we've been ordering and creating our own frog lifecycles on paper plates.  We just need to add their arms, legs and heads to bring them to life.  We've also had a go at 'tracking'.  We were left a letter from an animal and we had to follow their cryptic picture clues to find the next one.  This was to help us follow the route they took to find them hiding in the willow arch, some of us then went on to create maps of where we had been.  We had to use teamwork, communication, patience, perseverance to just name a few of our characteristics!  We have also been looking at number-bonds and exploring with equipment lots of different ways to make 10.  We've loved finding all the different ways and sharing our findings with each other.
Today we each made a gingerbread man.  We had to measure the ingredients and follow the instructions to make the recipe correctly.  We can't wait to decorate them and bring them to life tomorrow.
A huge thank you to all the wonderful adults that came in today to read us their favourite children's stories.  We had a lovely time listening to some new stories and hearing new adults read them.  If some of the children talk about the books, we listened to the following ones:
  • The Paper Dolls
  • Harry the Happy Mouse
  • Honk!
  • What the Ladybird hear on holiday
  • Poo Bum
  • Love is my favourite thing
  • Monkey Puzzle
Woodland Walks in Class 1
This week was a cold one so we all made sure that we wrapped up really warm.  We started off by hiding our Isla Stones that we made earlier in the half term.  Please keep a look out for these Isla Stones and if you find one, email a picture to the school and then please re-hide it.
As we looked at 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' we thought we would take this story up to the woods.  We really enjoy this Michael Rosen story and every time we read it, we all join in with the words.  Today we went on a woodland walk to find a bear!  We loved retelling the story in the countryside, all having an input with ideas of how we can recreate the scenes.  Once we got to the top of the woods...we found A BEAR!!!  Look out for our remake at film night.
This week was a brilliant week, we only had 2 children stuck in the mud, 1 wellie boot come off and 2 muddy bottoms but we all giggled and had fun making memories.
This half term, we have moved on from Smartie Pilates and we have started doing gymnastics.  We have found that we still need to use all of our muscles and balances that we learnt in Smartie Pilates in our gymnastics.  We have really enjoyed learning new positions, learning how to balance on our patches (bigger areas - bottom, tummy, back) and our points (smaller areas - knees, feet, hands, elbows) and learning how to dismount safely from a height.
What. a. morning!!!  We all came into the classroom to find that we had all had some visitors...
The classroom was all messed up and there was a new addition.  It was a dinosaur egg and it had HATCHED!  Speculation rippled through the classroom.  Some suggestion were:
  • Harry dinosaur had been to visit up
  • The volcano had erupted and the egg came out the top and rolled around the classroom causing chaos
  • Dinosaurs had been playing in the night
What we did know was that no one saw what happened but luckily we had some CCTV images of our little visitors.  We also received a letter from Harry explaining what had happened in the story from yesterday and we had to help him.  We looked through the CCTV pictures and used adjectives to describe what we could see.  With this new information we went about searching the classroom for more clues and the missing dinosaurs.
Our excitement didn't stop there! When we came in from playtime, there was a mystery box.  We didn't touch this because it suddenly started roaring and shaking.  A lot of us said that we weren't scared (but Mrs Jones and Mrs Bailey noticed that we were unusually wary when we got close to the box).  By the afternoon, the box had quietened down so we thought it was time to take a look.  To our surprise the box was empty!  All that was left was some carrot, lettuce and orange peel.  We researched dinosaurs and learnt that ours must have been a herbivore.
Lets hope we can still help Harry find the dinosaurs that he has lost...
Goldilocks and the three bears inspired us to make porridge.  We worked with each other to measure the porridge oats and discussed where milk comes from.  We watched the changes that happened once the porridge was heated up.  It smelt delicious!  Just like Goldilocks, we all had our own preferences of how we like our porridge to be.  We cooled it down with cold milk and then some us added raisins and/or peaches.  After trying, we shared whether we liked the taste of was a mixed vote.
Today we made Isla Stones in preparation to our next woodland walk.  We learnt all about a little girl called Isla who had a tumour on her spine.  Unfortunately this made Isla unable to walk.  We talked about Isla and how she had to use a wheelchair.  We also watched a video that Isla made telling us all about the stones.  We decided to decorate our own #Islastones.  We will then leave them in the forest for someone to find, hopefully they will email us a picture and this will raise awareness of the #Islastones cause.
In maths this week we have been looking at 1 more and 1 less of a number/amount.  We decided to use our shoes to help us work our the answers as we have ben looking at The Elves and the Shoemakers story this week.  We chose a starting number and then decided whether we were going to find 1 more or 1 less of that number.  We discussed what more and less meant and if we were going to add or takeaway.  Using our shoes meant we could physically see and move the amounts around.
We have had a wonderful trip to the theatre to kick start our topic! We went to watch 'The Elves and the Shoemakers' with class 2.  We travelled there on the bus and then went in to a cosy studio to watch the story come to life.  We loved getting involved and helping the characters with their props.  We also helped make the sound effects.  We haven't stopped talking about it until we got home (apart from some of us who had a snooze on the bus).  Thank you to all the adult helpers to offered to come and help us.
What a wonderful time making mincepies we have had!  First of all, a huge thank you to the adults that came to lend a helping hand.  We very much appreciated it because with 14 little children, that meant 140 sticky fingers to contend with, so thank you for giving up your time to come and spend time with us in Class 1.  As you can see from the photos 90% of the mincepie baking process (and mess - kust kidding) was done by the children, us adults just provided helping hand on the reading and measuring of the ingredients.  They smell delicious and we can't wait to try them tomorrow with our milk.
Today we made chocolate reindeers.  Although this was very yummy and exciting, it was also for us to learn how to follow instructions.  Over the week we have been following and giving instructions.  When we made the chocolate reindeers, we had to remember the method we used to tell our friends and we learnt how important it was to say the instructions in order.  We will then go on to write the instructions tomorrow.
This week we read the story 'The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas!'.  We discussed why Danny received a dinosaur egg - this was because he asked for far too much when he already had lots.  The children thought very hard about what they could write to Father Christmas.  Some chose to ask for something politely, others wanted to make a wish and others wanted to see how Santa was and share with him what they liked doing.  Today we were very lucky to have lots of adult helpers to help us post our letters to Father Christmas.  The children worked very hard to write their letters, we have popped a copy in their reading logs.  We hope you enjoy them too.
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
Today on our woodland walk we decided to read The Stickman.  We discussed all the different things Stickman was used for and then thought of some of our own, such as, a broomstick.  Once again, we had a wonderful time.  We also ended up using our sticks to help us on puddle watch - they were too irresistible for us not to run through and jump in!
Some of the things we did were...
  • Sung 'Stick, stick, stick, stick, sticky, sticky, stick, stick'
  • Said hello to a member of the public who was running up Tofts Hill.
  • Talked about why the ground felt even softer today that usual.
  • Used our sticks to measure how deep the puddles were and checked that they would go over our wellies
  • Chatted to our friends and our helpers all the way up and all the way down
  • Stomped, splashed and jumped in puddles again
  • Looked at hoof prints and made lots of our own foot prints
  • Compared puddle sizes and depths
  • Learnt about three types of different berries thanks to Mr King - hawthorn, blackthorn and blackberry
  • Made our own stick men as groups
  • Used our core strength and balance so we didn't slip over in the mud

We are sorry for how muddy we have returned ... but we have had the best day making memories again.

We had such a wonderful surprise today in class.  The fire fighters came with their fire engine!  We were delighted to see them waiting outside school.  They very kindly let us all spray the hose and some of us told them all about the fire hydrant outside our school.  We all had a look at the equipment and learnt why each piece of equipment was important to save lives.  We all then went inside and tried a fire fighters helmet on and looked at the breathing masks, cameras, and walkie talkies.  To say thank you, we sang 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' to the fire fighters.
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
Today on our woodland walk we were on puddle watch.  We had an absolutely brilliant time ... some children even said that it was the BEST one yet!  We had the wind, the rain, the dark clouds and the cold but this didn't stop us from getting wrapped up warm and going up to the woods.
Some of the things we did were...
  • Sung 'It's raining, it's pouring ...'
  • Said hello to a member of the public and her dog
  • Talked about where puddles come from and discussed why we think puddles are formed
  • Used rulers and cubes to measure how deep the puddles were and checked that they would go over our wellies
  • Chatted to our friends and our helpers all the way up and all the way down
  • Stomped, splashed and jumped in puddles
  • Caught the rain water on our tongues
  • Collected cupful's of water and talked about our capacity measure we've been doing in class
  • Made potions with the natural resources
  • Jumped in puddles some more!
  • Looked at paw prints and made lots of our own foot prints
  • Compared puddle sizes and depths
  • Talked about the clouds
  • Talked about why it was getting darker as we walked back to school
  • Discussed the rain and rainbows

We are sorry for how muddy we have returned ... but we have had the best day making memories!

Check out our videos and pictures.

Today we decided to spontaneously make Coconut Burfi!  The children were wondering what type of sweets people ate during Diwali.  We enjoyed measuring and mixing the ingredients.  We spread it out on a tray and then placed it in the freezer to set.  Some of us were quite impatient so got the timers out to see how long we needed to wait.  We then all had  taste... some of us liked it more than others but it was a fantastic way to finish our Diwali weeks.
We have loved Diwali!  We have had such a busy 2 weeks learning about why this celebrations is important to Hindus.  We have thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story of Rama and Sita in the role-play, dressing up in traditional Indian clothes, wearing the character masks and showing respect by taking our shows off before we enter the temple.   We have also been busy learning about Diwali artefacts such as diya lamps, rangoli pattern and mendhi patterns.  We were lucky enough to be able to explore real objects and learn about how these are made.   We have also had a go at making some of these ourselves.  During the second week we had a yummy afternoon tasting different Indian foods like poppadoms, samosas, naan breads, onion bahjis and chutneys. 
During our week celebrating Bonfire Night, we had organised for the fire engine to come and visit our school.  Unfortunately, both times this week they were called to an emergency.  We talked about how it is ok to feel a bit disappointed that they weren't coming but also how important it is that the fire fighters go to those people and places that need them.  With this in mind, we all decided that if the fire engine couldn't come to us ... we would make one!  Each and everyone one of us got involved and we loved working as a team.  We gave our ideas and listening to each other and with these wonderful skills, our fire engine was a huge success.  We collected and used different items for different things, for example, paper plates for wheels, party hats for fire fighter hats, a drum as a horn, red and yellow building blocks as lights, hand made signs as fire and a pipe as a water hose to name a few.  We played on this all day and LOVED thinking of our own scenarios to spark our own role play ideas.
We've had a great week celebrating Halloween this week.  We had a haunted house in our role play and pumpkins to carve.  We have been busy making our own spooky spiders and decorating Halloween biscuits.
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
We have had the most wonderful afternoon!  Where do we even begin? When we got back we listed it all and we wanted to tell you how much we have done...
  • We continued to explore what we could see, hear, smell and feel using our senses.
  • We raced through the fields, being careful to watch out step.
  • We discussed the different colours that the leaves had continued to change.
  • We talked about where all the puddles had gone.
  • We ran with our friends and adults pulling each other along.
  • We stood in the wind and talked about its power and direction.
  • We shared our thoughts on why the ground had big cracks in the fields.
  • We looked at the footprints of different animals, identified them and thought about which way they were walking and why.
  • We collected lots of different objects and compared these with our friends.
  • We use the magnifying glasses to look more closely at different things.
  • We talk about the effect the rubbish that was dumped had on the environment.
  • We climbed to the top of the field to admire the views.
  • We observed the change in the clouds from colour to position.
  • We walked all the way there and back loving every minute once again.
  • We used our balance and strength to climb the hills and run without falling over.
  • We had conversations with our friends and the adults we were with.
  • We enjoyed each others company.
  • We praised each other and showed interest in each others achievements.
  • We asked if we could come to the woods everyday and discussed our next adventure.

Once again, we did ourselves proud with our team work and perseverance.

Our first day in Class 1:  We have had a super time today meeting all our new friends.  We all came in beautifully and we have loved exploring the classroom inside and outside.  We went to our first assembly and had a look at the new play equipment taking shape.  At playtime we saw lots of familiar faces and enjoyed running around and playing games.  In class we have read stories, painted, built with lego, been in the role play areas, sand, water and also decorated some biscuits for the horticultural show taking place on Saturday.  It's been a busy day!
13 hungry children, 13 pizza bases, 13 set of ingredients can only mean one thing...WE MADE PIZZA FACES! What a fantastic day we have had.  We started off with discussing what foods we liked and went on to share our favourite pizza toppings.  We then sorted the foods into healthy and unhealthy and talked about where the food comes from.  We all had a go at using the interactive whiteboard to design out own pizza's and used mirrors to see all of our features.  Miss Heafford showed us how to cut the toppings carefully and then we all had a go at using the knives and boards with the 'bridge' technique.  Then it was for the toppings.  We all selected foods to make our own faces.  We can't wait to eat them...we hope they are really delicious!
We absolutely love the climbing equipment!
Woodland Walks in Class 1.
We have had the most wonderful afternoon!  Where do we even begin? When we got back we listed it all and we wanted to tell you how much we have done...
  • We explored what we can see, hear, smell and feel using our senses.
  • We raced to see who could get up the hill the fastest.
  • We did huge footsteps and listened to the noise our feet made.
  • We counted how many we reached before our friends caught up with us.
  • We discussed the different colours 1 bush gives us.
  • We discussed why some parts were more muddy than others.
  • We made footprints in the soft ground.
  • We collected sticks and measured these by comparing them.
  • We sound conkers and de-shelled them, talking about our observations.
  • We listened to the helicopter and realised it was getting closer because the noise was getting louder.
  • We predicted what other sounds could be.
  • We shared our thoughts on different textures.
  • We walked all the way there and back loving every minute.
  • We sang songs including 'Baby Shark'.
  • We had conversations with our friends and the adults we were with.
  • We co-ordinated our bodies when we were going up and down the hills.
  • We thought carefully about the shape, colour and size to make our own faces.
  • We found a spider and a ladybird and watched them move around.
  • We shared our experiences of the woods and the walks we go on.
  • We looked at an artist called Andy Goldsworthy who uses nature in his art and tried hard to make our own pictures using the natural materials we collected.
  • We found a rock and we're going to see if it has any fossils inside.
  • We enjoyed each others company.
  • We praised each other and showed interest in each others achievements.
  • We looked at our shadows and discussed how they are made and why they face a certain direction.
  • We met member of the public and showed how polite we are.
We are very proud of ourselves and can't wait to tell you all about our next adventure.





We've had a very spontaneous day after one of our classmates brought in a bird nest to school  We had a great time looking at how this was made, the materials used and watching videos on the internet of real birds making nests.  We were fascinated and learnt all about how birds like fur and feathers in their nests to keep them warm.  We decided that we could help the birds by asking people to collect animal fur from their dogs and cats.  From this we wrote a sign to the public, designed pictures and posters and fastened all of this to the school fence.  We can't wait to see all the fur be attached and watch the birds collect it for their nests.
Today we made a hedgehog house because we learnt how to feed, shelter and save hedgehogs.  Hedgehogs like to be in the hedges!  They also like to eat cat food, bugs and worms.  We decided to put our hedgehog house in the bushes, next to the bug hotel to keep them camouflaged and safe.  In the hedgehog house we have put water and some food.  We collected and used leaves and sticks to hide the house.  Some of us dug up worms and placed near the hedgehog house. (We chose to make this writing brown so it was a secret!)