Class 2 2020-2021

I would like to introduce our new method of testing spellings in Class 2, but first I thought I would explain the terminology that we use as there might be some confusion between the tricky words and common exception words.
Year 1s
Within the phonics programme any words that cannot be segmented and blended (sounded out) are called tricky words. The Year 1 children were sent these home on cards at the beginning of this half term, they need to be able to read them and spell them. The tricky words from the phonics programme are duplicated within the National Curriculum`s list of common exception words that every year group has and these are words that generally cannot be segmented and blended.  The children`s spellings are initially taken from the tricky word list and then more are added from the common exception word list found in the National Curriculum.
Year 2
Year 2s spellings come from a mixture of the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words found in the National Curriculum, they need to be able to read and spell them by the end of Year 2 and show that they are using them in their writing. On occasions, they will have words from certain spelling strategies that we have studied in class.
Following our recent assessment period, in which the children have been tested on spelling the tricky words and common exception words, I have decided to change the way we organise the spellings and test the children.
Below, I have attached word mats for each spelling group, the children know which spelling group they are in. They will also have a mat in class so that they can practise them daily when they come into class. The children need to practise reading them, learning them and writing them. Please feel free to choose a few for each week, but when you choose some new ones please continue to review the previous selection. They will then be tested at the end of each half term rather than each week. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mrs Waller
Good afternoon,
I hope everyone has had a good weekend, nice to see the sun shining this afternoon.  It has been a strange week in school with Class 1 isolating and some of Class 2 also at home. We look forward to seeing everyone back in school as soon as they are allowed. 
This coming week is going to be a mixture of normal learning but also some assessments to see how well we are all doing. It is nothing to worry about, we use it to see what the children have remembered from our learning, if we have forgotten some of it then we will plan those objectives into future lessons.
Therefore as we will be assessing our spellings, I will not be giving any spellings homework this week. I have added a table of some of the spellings we have been working on, these can be practised this week  and in the future alongside tricky or common exception words.
Any questions please do not hesitate to email me on the class email.
Take care and stay safe
Mrs Waller
As the children cannot be in groups and play Lego together we completed some challenges on Friday as part of our Children In Need day in Class 2. The first was to be imaginative and create something with 4 bricks, we had space rockets, cranes, aeroplanes, train tracks just to name a few. Then we had a challenge to create something in 1 minute and be able to say how it works. Finally, have you ever tried to build something in Lego with one hand (hence the hand on their head). Well, Class 2 can and can build something amazing.
Another great session of orienteering in PE this week. The children had to follow a map including looking at the key to build their own obstacle course and then complete it. 
I hope you have all had a good lockdown weekend, at least the sun has been shining at times. This week in class we will be continuing with our Autumn theme and looking at animals that hibernate. We will also discuss Remembrance Day on Wednesday, hopefully you will have a chance to walk by our windows and see our poppy display which we made on Friday. This coming Friday, is Children in Need so we will look at `Caring` for people which I think is quite appropriate for the times we are living in.
I have added some photos below of our PE which was our first session at orienteering, the children were working as a team to map read and use a key to build a `Crazy Face` with our PE resources.
Have a good week everyone and stay safe.
Mrs Waller
Teamwork to map read and complete the orienteering task.
Teamwork seems to be a theme as here the children are working as a team to complete a maths puzzle. They turned into a question and answer game, taking it in turns to complete each go.
I hope you have all had a good weekend and were able to join in some socially distanced `Halloween` celebrations before we all begin our new `lockdown`.
This week we are continuing our Autumn theme, in English we will be looking at `Bonfire Night` and in science looking at the question: Why do leaves go brown in the Autumn? We are changing our topic in maths and beginning to look at subtraction this week which follows on from our addition work.
Year 1 children have been sent home some word cards, we ask that they learn to read them and to be able to spell them. Mrs. Tomaszewski has included some ideas for games to play with the cards. Obviously, they cannot be returned to school but we will be using the same words in class during our phonic lessons and will use them for assessments. Year 2s need to learn the words on the word mat that has previously been included on this class page, which I have moved higher up the page.
As always please contact me on the class email if you have any questions or wish to share any of the children`s homework activities.
Many thanks
Mrs Waller
English outdoor learning took place on Friday between the rain showers to show some of our grammar skills. The children raced to pick a card with a word on and had to decide whether it was a noun, adjective, verb or adverb and had to then place it on the correct mat. Then, the Year 2s made silly sentences by using one word from each group e.g. The wonderful banana jumped confidently or The giant bird read inquisitively. The Year 1s completed a similar activity with Mrs. Dee but concentrated on nouns, adjectives and verbs, they sat under the willow arch and shared their sentences together.
***Flash News***
Watch this space for a musical extravaganza soon to be released.
Good morning,
I hope that you have all had a very enjoyable and relaxing half term, I think we all and especially the children needed the holiday. I`m looking forward to seeing all the children back in class ready for our next topic and hearing their news.
This half term our topic is called `Our Planet`, we will learn about our planet through two mini science projects - Autumn and Plastic Pollution. Then finish the term off with a third mini project (dare I say it) based around Christmas and the poem `Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Please see the topic web below to see what we are going to be covering.
Our PE will continue on a Wednesday and Friday, please make sure the children have jogging bottoms and sweatshirts on as we will be outside until the end of the term. We will be continuing with our multi-skills involving throwing, catching, kicking etc... and on a Friday, I will be introducing the children to orienteering, which fits into our Geography curriculum.
Homework will continue as previously with reading being so important and completed at least 4 times a week, the Year 1 children will be sent home with word cards for you to read and write at your own discretion. The weekly spellings, reading egg and mathletic tasks will continue to be shared on this page, they support the work covered in class but please make your own judgement as to how often you complete them. The Year 2s have a completion date on the reading egg work. 
I have included some other types of homework activities based around our topic, they are on the homework planner. The children can choose which ones they want to do, these can be completed at any time throughout the half term, the work cannot be returned to school but photos sent to the class email would be greatly received. 
Please feel free to email if you have any questions or speak to me at the end of school at the gate.
Many thanks
Mrs Waller
Topic Homework Planner
Class 2 and our friends in Class 1 have planted some bulbs and flowers in pots to send to Dove Cottage. It was great fun digging and getting dirty and it looks as if the children found a wiggly worm in their pot, which caused great hilarity. Well done children the pots look lovely and I am sure the guests at Dove Cottage will enjoy watching them grow through the winter.
Science Investigation
Mrs. Grinling wrote to ask for our help, Mr. Grinling had lost his waterproof hat,she needed to make him a new one but didn`t know which material to use. We tested 6 materials to see which were waterproof so we could let Mrs. Grinling know. First we wrapped some duplo animals in the different materials, then we poured water on them and left them while we went out to play. To make it a fair test we used the same amount of water and left them for the same length of time, the only thing we changed was the materials. Finally, we unwrapped them to see which animals were wet and which were dry. We discovered that the tin foil and plastic would be the best for a new hat.
Autumn First Half Term
Good morning,
We are nearly at the end of our 1st half term and what an unusual time it has been. The children have been absolutely amazing at following the new routines and working within the class in a very different way than normal.
We do have some tired children so we will try to have a gentle week but also trying to finish our book and finish our work on Florence Nightingale. We had an exciting start to the week as we received a letter through the post from Mrs. Grinling, the Lighthouse Keeper`s wife. She asked us for our help to think of a plan to stop the seagulls from eating Mr. Grinling`s lunch. The children came up with some wonderful ideas including putting the basket in a wooden box, camouflaging the lunch with a large decoy seagull, a metal tube that goes from the little cottage to the lighthouse so the basket of food can slide down the tube. They then wrote their ideas in a letter back to Mrs. Grinling, we are waiting and hoping for a reply to see if our plans worked.  Please keep a look out on this page for some of the letters and plans.
I have had a couple of emails about homework, I would like to say that this is not my normal way to give the children homework, I usually follow the same structure as Class 1 with different activities and I hope that we can go back to that soon. The important homework for the Year 1 children is the reading, spellings and to complete some of the Mathletics which supports the work in class if they can. I have told the children they can choose which of the Mathletics tasks they wish to do but maybe I did not make it clear to parents, so I apologise for that. If you wish to complete some Reading Eggs work and the Fast Phonics then I leave it to you to decide if that is appropriate for your child.  The Year 2s expectations are a little higher and I would like them to do the same as Year 1s but if they can complete the comprehension work as well that would be great.  This week`s homework has been set for a two week period.
I wish you all a happy half term and thank you all for your support this half term.
Take care and stay safe 
Mrs Waller
Good morning,
Another busy week and we seem to be flying towards half term. The children have been learning about Florence Nightingale this week as part of our `Heroes` topic which has linked into our work; learning about the important people who help us. It was great to hear that some children are going home and sharing their learning with their parents, thank you to those who have given me feedback on this, it is good to hear.  We have also had a good week planning our disgusting  lunches and sandwiches to stop the seagulls from eating Mr Grinlings lunch. 
It has been good to see that some children have been completing the Mathletics, Fast Phonics and the Reading Eggs homework. Just a reminder that this homework backs up the phonics and spelling work that we are completing in class and helps the children to use their skills independently in given activities. For those children who have been given the comprehension work, this is important for the children to practise answering questions on given texts as we are at the moment unable to run our guided reading sessions where this work would take place. I have extended the date for completion of the Reading Eggspress work and set new tasks for those who have completed them all.
Thank you for your continued support for the way we are having to work at the moment, the changing of books seems to be working and sharing the homework on here seems to be effective, but please feedback any problems that you might have or ask any questions.
I look forward to talking to some of you this week during our telephone parents evening.
Kind regards
Mrs Waller
Year 1s busy working together to write equations using the whole part part model, they  partitioned a whole number into two parts using their counters.
Good morning,
The children have had a busy week completing some work on our new book The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. The display board has grown bit by bit through the last few weeks with the children trying to guess what our book was going to be, it certainly caused excitement as different elements were added without us knowing. Finally we have announced it and begun to read it, with great enjoyment. We have finished working on our place value objectives in maths and will be moving on to addition this week, I have set some tasks on Mathletics for place value which will help the children practise and retain their new skills.
PE is on a Wednesday and Friday, this week it was quite chilly outside so could I please ask that the children wear jogging bottoms from now on if the weather looks as if it is going to be cold, wet or windy. They also must have a coat in school every day as we do go out to play in gentle rain so that they can have a run around between lessons.
Please continue to contact me through the class email page if you have any questions or concerns and I will reply as soon as I am able.
Many thanks,
Mrs Waller
Well done children for another good week, you have worked hard and produced some great work, you are beginning to be so much more confident with all the routines we are having to follow so well done to you all. We have had a lot of fun with our new Activ maths workouts which are helping you with your counting upto 20, counting in 2s and 5s as well as getting fit, some of you have completed your maths tasks outside and completed some good work.
I have added a powerpoint to explain our classes homework systems, any questions about them please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Each week, I will add a word document that has the homework on so there may be slightly different suggestions each week. The word mats and handwriting that I added in the week are extras for you to use as and when you wish to, I will add more handwriting sheets as we complete them in class, so please continue to practise the `Curly Caterpillar` letters both on the sheets and independently on paper as well. Year 2s are joining up their letters oo, oa, oc etc.. so they can practise those at home.
Many thanks for all your support since school returned.
Mrs Waller
PE with Mrs. Rozenthal, completing our challenge activities.
Outdoor science looking for different materials.
Year 2 Children
Here are some word mats and phoneme mats that might help with some home learning. The children`s spellings will be taken from the Year 1/2 Common Exception Words mat, so any support in learning these would really benefit the children`s writing skills. In our phonic sessions the children are working on Phase 5 of phonics, revising some of the earlier sounds and then beginning to learn some new ones.
The children might enjoy this website as it has activities for practising their phonics online: 
Many thanks
Mrs Waller
Year 1 Children
I have added some word mats, phoneme mats and handwriting sheets that you may like to use at home to support the children with their learning. The word mats will be their spellings over the next few weeks, so some pre-learning might help build up their confidence. The handwriting sheets are the `Curly Caterpillar` letters they all start with a `c` to form the letters. The Phase 3 phoneme mat shows the sounds that they will be learning in their daily phonic lessons.
The children might enjoy this website as it has activities for practising their phonics online: 
Thank you
Mrs. Waller
Dear Parents,
Well we have completed another week in school, the children have really worked hard and have settled well into Class 2. They have all been brilliant and a lot of fun.
As time goes by we often need to tweak things so that they work more efficiently, I am going to slightly change how we change reading books as it is quite difficult to change 29 in one day. Therefore, I would like Year 2s to change their books on a Monday and Year 1s on a Friday. We will give the children two books each week and ask that each book is read a minimum of twice. The first time should be to work out new words using their phonemes, the second and subsequent reads will hopefully help the children to retain the words and build up their fluency. Please discuss the book with your child and ask them questions about the story line and the characters. Some books have questions at the end so please work through these.
Next week we will be giving the children spelling homework, they will be grouped into coloured groups and their spellings will be listed on this class page along with some phonics practise that they can do on Reading Eggs. The children will practise them at school and we would appreciate it if you could practise them at home as well.
We will also give them their Mathletic and Reading Egg logins so that you have them for future homework that will be set.
Many thanks for your support at the start of a term that is a little strange, it is much appreciated.
Any questions please email me through the class email or at the school gate at the end of the day.
Mrs Waller


Thanks to you all and your kind donations we have managed to fill and complete 22 backpacks and the remaining items helped to finish 10 more. The 32 backpacks have been sent to Mary`s Meals and will be on their way to children who need them. By providing the children with the equipment they need to go to school it also means that they get a hot, cooked meal every day. So what an achievement, well done and what a difference it will make to those children.

Mrs.Keogh, who came to talk to Class 2 at the start of our project, would like me to thank you all on behalf of the charity, they are absolutely thrilled with how much we contributed.


**Flash News**

We would like to still collect children`s summer clothes, sandals and flip flops and any old backpacks you have would be greatly received.


There will be a plastic box outside the school`s front door so please put anything you would like to donate in there, it will very much appreciated.


Many thanks

Mrs. Waller

What a good start to the new term!  The children have settled well into Class 2 and followed all the changes that we have implemented. Well done children, it was a fun start to our time together. 
Just a couple of notices for this week, the children only need to bring their book bags to school on a Monday and a Friday as these are the days that we will be changing their reading books. Also, we will be providing the children with fruit at morning break so they do not need a snack from home. These changes will help to eliminate too many items moving from home to school and back again.
Homework: As soon as the children have their reading book, they will have reading as their homework, please read the book more than once and talk about the story with them. All other homework will be introduced throughout the next couple of weeks and I will provide a powerpoint to explain how it will work as we are not able to send homework home.
Any questions please do not hesitate to email me on the class email, or speak to me at the gate.
Many thanks
Mrs Waller
Welcome to Class 2
I hope you have all had a great summer and are excited to be returning to school. I am very much looking forward to seeing you on the 26th August and hearing all about your holidays and what fun you have been having.
Our topic for this first half term is all about `Heroes`, we will be looking at heroes that are around today who help us now and heroes from the past who have influenced life today. Our transition task for the holidays was about your own history and focused on `Toys`, we will use this first topic to introduce what history is and learn about present and past. Then we will move onto our main topic of heroes.  In English, we will be linking some of our books to our history topic of toys and heroes, the first story we are going to look at relates to toys. Our science learning will all be about `Materials` and I will link as much of it as I can to our overall topic. Reading books will be sent home once either I, Mrs. Tomaszewski or Mrs. Dee have heard you read, so please be patient with us, we will also give you some word cards for you to learn.
I am not going to tell you too much more information at the moment as I want to surprise you bit by bit.........  Parents, there will be a topic web going onto the website at some point but if you could refrain from telling the children too much I would really appreciate it so that they get some surprises as we introduce the topics to them, I like to keep them in suspense with clues around the classroom.
Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday,  so come to school in your full kit on these days,  we are not changing in the classroom at the moment.  Please make sure that all kit is labelled with your name.
Remember to bring in your labelled water bottle every day as it is important that we drink lots.
If you have any questions please email the office and they will pass a message to me or feel free to catch me at the gate at the end of the day once the children have all gone.
Take care and stay safe
Mrs Waller
Below is the transition powerpoint showing some photos of the classroom, I have added it to this page in case some of the children especially our new Year 1s would like a reminder of what the classroom looks like.