Class 1 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Class 1!

What a year group you are Class 1.  I know we say it all the time but we are SO proud of you!  You have worked incredibly hard last half term, fully embracing our topic 'The Only Way Is Up!' (lifecycle and growing).  You have looked at the lifecycle of frogs and butterflies and we have been lucky enough to have these in our classroom to observe their changes everyday.  We have also grown our own bean plants, looked how wheat is made into flour and baked our own bread, learnt about farm animals and cooked our own meatballs and roast vegetables!  You seem to have blossomed in all areas of your learning and we can not wait for more next half term.

Our topic this next half term and it's called 'Animal Kingdom' .  During this topic we will be sharing our thoughts and knowledge about different animals and their habitats.  Some of the books we will be looking at this half term are: 'Handa's Surprise', 'Walking through the jungle', 'The Great Pet Sale', and 'Commotion in the Ocean'.  These stories will support our free choice activities around the classroom and outdoors.  Please keep an eye out for new pictures from this topic (scroll down to the bottom of the page).  Also, if you have any photos or experiences that we could share with the children that supports our topic please would you mind emailing these in.  The children really benefit from seeing and hearing about real life experiences so this would be a great addition. 

Reading is something we love to do and we have really enjoyed hearing all the experiences you have been sharing with your child at home.  Please continue to keep us informed with how they get on by writing in their reading log.  As we've mentioned before, there are so many skills to early reading that are fundamental to the children becoming confident fluent readers.  Some of these are ensuring the children know that the words have meaning and that the pictures give us so many clues as to what the words say.  Another is discussion – talking through the book, predicting, checking, retelling what happened and comparing the story to a previously read book.  This opportunity for comprehension is so simple yet so powerful.  Finally, re-reading – for children to get a sense of success and independence, we encourage children to read books more than once so they can build fluency and start to ‘see’ the words instead of needing to sound them out.    Please see our section about home learning.

In Class 1, P.E is now going to be done every Wednesday. It is very important that each child comes to school in their school P.E kit (shorts/trousers, t-shirt, hoodie and plimsoles).  Please ensure each piece of your child’s clothing is clearly named with a permanent marker/sticker.  This means any missing pieces can be easily returned to its owner.  PE and learning is thirsty work so we also recommend sending a named water bottle in with your child too.

We promote independence in the Foundation Stage (Reception), including the children entering the classroom on their own, putting on their own coats, getting dressed and accessing activities independently. Any support with encouraging your child's independence in and out of school is very helpful and much appreciated.

We spend a lot of time with the children but this doesn’t mean that we see all of their learning experiences, as these will also happen at home. To make sure we have record of these achievements, each child has a wallet in their reading log that contain ‘WOW moment’ cards for you to write down what your child has done. These achievements can be anything such as: learning to ride a bike, writing their name or helping out at home. These moments will then go into their folder as a record for their learning.

We are a friendly, caring team so if you ever have any queries about your child's education please talk to any of the class 1 staff.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Hatherley and Mrs Bailey or message us via TEAM's

PS now the weather is getting milder, we do still have our cold and wet days.  Please can we advise you to send your child into school everyday with a waterproof coat.  Hats and scarves/snoods are an added bonus as we will still be doing lots of our learning and choosing outside.  There could also be those odd hot days so please check the weather forecast and apply sun cream before the children come to school if necessary.

Useful Information
Home Learning
At this age, children are still encouraged to learn through play and hands on experiences.  We find that learning in a context works best.  For example, if you're out on a woodland walk and you come across some puddles, you may discuss how these have come about, you may measure and compare depths, you may explore sound or reflections as well as investigate objects that float and sink.  This is how children make connections, develop their understanding and ability to learn.
Whilst this is at the forefront of our teaching in EYFS, any experience at home will support this dramatically.  We also ask that you support your child to read and learn their key words. 
Whilst on the subject of reading, we would like to share our knowledge of what reading is in the EYFS.  Reading is seeing print in the environment and understanding that print (from left to right) carries meaning.  As important as sitting down and sharing a book 1:1 is, we also find that the discussion, the retell and simply being read a story and being exposed to books is just as important. 
Real experiences and reading at home are the things we hope you can support the most in.   All we ask is that you listen to your child read and practise their key words at least 4 times per week.  If you wish to do extra (no pressure at all to do so), then we are happy for you to encourage free choice writing opportunities and play maths games. 
Many thanks,
The Class 1 team
Our First Day!!!!
Wow! what a fantastic first day in Class 1. It was wonderful to welcome everyone into school today, with broad smiles all round and all looking super smart in their new uniforms. We have uploaded a few pictures of our first day to show just some of the fun we had.
We were super impressed with the incredibly smooth drop off and pick, could we just remind everyone that just one parent is to accompany each child into the playground morning and night.
The Class 1 team
Pizza Faces
Today some of us made pizzas (the rest of us will do ours on Thursday!).  We decided to make our faces using lots of different ingredients.  These were peppers, mushrooms, ham, cheese, tomatoes and tomato puree.  We talked about how important it was to wash our hands before we touched any food.  We then used a knife to carefully spread the sauce and added our toppings to show our facial features.  We discussed the names of the ingredients and tasted these to see if we liked them and whether we wanted them on our pizza's. The classroom smelt delicious once they were cooked.
Pizza Faces cont...
The remaining pizza faces were completed on Thursday - great fun was had by all and we heard they were greatly enjoyed at home.
Reading Books / Key words and Mathletics login:
Hi All,
We hope you have enjoyed having a book to read at home. We have added a little set of keywords today (in the plastic wallet at the front of the reading record) these are for you to practice at home but please keep them in your diary so we can also access them at school and add new once a week.
Please could we also encourage reading books to be in school every day. We will aim to change books on a Tuesday and Thursday but often look at them on others days too.
Mathetics logins have also been put into book bags for you to access at home.
Happy Reading!
Class 1 team.
Today in PE we revisited our throwing skills.  We had to listen really carefully to the instructions in order to stay safe.  We had to make sure we were watching where we were as well as making sure we were throwing our beanbag safely.  It can be very tempting to touch the equipment when it is in front of us but we now know that it won't run off so the temptation wasn't so bad this week!  We also went on the climbing equipment.  I think this was our favourite part.  We were all very brave at going over the a-frame rope ladder.
Numbers in our environment.
Today we talked about why we use numbers.  Lots of us said 'because we say them when we count'.  We talked about how saying our numbers do help us know how many things there are, however, they are also used for so many other things in our lives.  We decided to go on a number hunt to see the numerals in context and work out what the numerals jobs were.  We learnt that numbers are not just for counting...
  • We saw numbers on the clock - this helps us tell the time
  • We saw telephone numbers - to know how to contact that person
  • We saw numbers on instructions - to tell which order to do the jobs in
  • We saw numbers in the date - so we know which number of the month we are on
  • We saw numbers on our shoes - now we know what size we are
  • We saw numbers on the gate - this helps people get in and out if they know the secret code
  • We saw numbers on thermostat - they tell us the temperature of the school
  • We saw prices - these tell us how much things are
  • We saw numbers on a house - this tells us the number of the house on that road
It was really important to discuss the different roles of these numerals because we don't just use them to count.
Our Five Senses
This week we have started learning about our 5 senses.  We have had lots of different activities around the classroom to help us use our five senses and learn about when we use them.  We have been playing 'I Spy', we've been investigating the changes that occurs when ice melts and how the temperature feels, we've made shakers to listen to, we've used clipboards and gone around the classroom drawing the things we can hear, see, smell, taste and touch and we've also discussed how our snacks and lunch taste.  We have also enjoyed going on hunts around the school grounds to find new things. 
Fruit tasting - we have explored lots of different types of fruit. we explored what they looked like, how they felt and the texture of them the smells before and after they were cut and finally how they tasted. We all tried everything and we had such great conversations about all of the fruits.
Planting bulbs and plants for Dove cottage ...

Woodland Walks

We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and we would love the be able to continue our learning in the outdoors. Below are the dates we are hoping to go on a walk up in to the woods.  We will be going in the afternoons around 1:15pm – 2:45pm.  We will be using staff from school to allow us to be in line with the guidelines and ratios.


On these days, please ensure that your child brings in appropriate outerwear (waterproof coat with a hood or overalls) and footwear (walking boots/wellies) to change in to. The walking terrain can be a little uneven so we want the children to be as prepared as possible.  We will aim to go out in all weather (excluding icy conditions) to make the most of our wonderful woodland walks.  We apologise that we do not have any spare items to lend.



Thursday 12th November

Thursday 3rd December

Thursday 14th January

Thursday 11th February

Thursday 11th March

Thursday 22nd April

Thursday 20th May

Thursday 1st July (picnic lunch details and times nearer the time)


Animal Smarty Pilates - we had great fun completing our Smarty Pilates getting our bodies into all sorts of positions to mimic lots of different animals. we built strength in our whole body - what a great job.
Magic Potions ...
We had great fun making magic potion adding worms (pipe cleaners), maggots (bird seed), dry skin (leaves ) and much more to help us mix a potion to keep us safe for Halloween. We aid the magic words, abracadabra,  and released the spell to ensure it worked well.
We've had a wonderful couple of weeks back.  Last week started off with the celebration of 'Halloween'.  We talked about how it was going to be bit different this year but discussed how some of us would be celebrating at home.  We made spooky spider webs, decorated bats and read lots of Winnie the Witch stories.
This week had been a great start with Bonfire Night.  We have a campfire in the roleplay with fireworks in the beautiful night sky.  We have really enjoyed adding a storyline to our play and using this area.  We have also done lots of creative tasks and watched a firework display.  We also received a letter in class with a mission! The letter gave us the task of ordering all our numbers so the rockets could take off! We completed the mission just in time.  We can't wait for the rest of week to explore the story of Francis the Firefly and learn all about fire safety.
WOW! What a great start to Christmas we have had.  The Nativity is in full swing and we can't wait for you to be able to see it, the Christmas hats have been started ready for us to wear to our Christmas dinner and party, the advent calendars have gone out for the children to do at home and we have listened and danced around the classroom to Christmas songs on repeat.  We are going to start our Christmas cards, lists and baubles this next week as well as lots of choosing activities in the classroom.  The elves in particular have been very busy in the roleplay! I think it's safe to say that we are looking forward to continuing the festivities until we break up.
Today we had a great time following instructions to make our own chocolate reindeers.  We started off discussing when we might use instructions and why they are useful.  We then looked at different instructions and saw that some had pictures, others had numbers and some even had written instructions.  We then went on to giving instructions to our friends and learnt that these had to be short, clear and in order.  We then went on to make our chocolate reindeers - making these will help us write our own instructions later on in the week.
A little poem to you all.
Well...lockdown number 3 and what can we say?
We honestly could not wait for you come back and play.
Class 1 was all ready, the role play had changed,
We’d set up the tables and the toys were rearranged.
But now it’s been decided that we can’t all be at school,
We have to stay home and stick to the lockdown rule.
We miss your laughter, your smiles and your imaginations,
Your happiness, your love and your wonderful conversations.
But we could not feel prouder of the children you are,
We’ve done isolations and we’ve all come so far.
We know that this lockdown is all a bit different,
But you are strong, kind and well...very magnificent.
This isn’t ‘goodbye’, it’s ‘we’ll see you soon’,
Be it through emails and TEAM’s during the morning or afternoon.
Now let’s not be glum, there’s so much fun to be done,
But first let’s dance to our class favourite - One Direction!
Lots of love from Mrs Bailey, Mrs Hatherley and Mrs Jones x
This afternoon we have had a great time learning new rugby skills.  We practised following instructions, running with a rugby ball as well as working as a team.  We were all really fast running and particularly enjoyed cheering on our friends! We're already looking forward to the next 2 sessions. 
Easter and Spring
We have had the most wonderful morning going on our own Easter egg hunt.  This was inspired by our story of the week, 'We're going on an egg hunt'.  We were put in to coloured groups (yellow, green and pink) with 6 friends.  We then had to negotiate and discuss who will get each egg to make sure we all got one.  We then worked in our teams to read out clues, understand these and find the eggs in order.  At the end we found a golden egg.  It was so much fun!
We've had a few new arrivals in Class 1 this week.  The first being caterpillars because we are learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and the next to arrive were tadpoles for the lifecycle of a frog.  We have information books and magnifying glasses to observe and learn about their changes as they grow.  We have also been enjoying the sunshine with play outside.
Our First Woodland Walk
Wow! it was amazing to finally get out and explore our beautiful surroundings. What a perfect afternoon we had for it too, the sun was shining, birds singing and the deep blue sky made it perfect. 
We explored what we could see, hear and smell, looking for signs of life, new life and just the beauty of the world. we then had great fun exploring the woods, building nests, collecting sticks and generally having a great time. 
Although we discovered that walking in a line is a skill that has been missed because of Covid and not going anywhere! we couldn't have been prouder of every member of class 1. you behaved beautifully, listened and most of all had great fun! 
Cant wait to go again soon. 
Making Bread:
Just like the little red hen did we have been making bread. we explored where flour comes from and how it is produced and then watch bread be made in  a factory, before we made our very own bread roll. They were delicious. 
Cooking using produce from a farm
This week, we have been focussing on farms.  We've looked at animals and their young (talking about the lifecycles), why animals are farm animals as well as the produce they provide us.  Today we prepared and cooked meatballs and roast vegetables as a class.  To start off we discussed whether the food on our carpet grew in England or in a different country.  The products were: a watermelon, some cereal, an apple, an orange, an banana, a pear, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sugar, lettuce, sausage meat and beef mince.  After a lot of discussion, we learnt that all of the products could be grown in England apart from watermelon, an orange and a banana.  
We then went on to prepare the food using knives to chop the vegetables as well as mixing the sausage meat and beef mince to make our food.  They were delicious.