Class 1

Handa  asked us to write her story.... So we sequenced the pictures and wrote Handa's story!
We are super writers!
This week, we have read 'Handa's surprise' and have learned about African animals. We have looked very closely at the animals skin pattern.... and have painted them on bread with food colouring!
Look at the beautiful cheetahs, leopards, lions and parrots!
Welcome back after the Easter break!
We hope that you all had a good rest and that you are ready for more adventures and learning!
We were very lucky today! A very special trophy came to school and we had our photos taken!
Red Nose Day!
We dressed up in pyjamas to raise money and we had a lot of fun 'going on the catwalk'!
Today, at Forest School, Bethan made a fire and we roasted Marshmallows!
A massive Thank You to Mrs King! We had a wonderful morning! And we have learned so much about the parts of a plant, what a plant needs to grow and all the benefits for us!
We had to choose a root, a leaf and a fruit and Mrs King blended all the ingredients to make a delicious smoothie.
Science week
We had such a treat this morning! A real scientist came to visit us. We tried on gloves, protective goggles and the lab coat.
We even got to play with pipettes and scientist plates.
We are very inspired and we all want to become scientist when we grow up!
We had a fantastic time with Bethan at Forest School!
We collected mud and made mud faces. We also used tools to make a necklace.
Children and parents challenge!
Well done and a massive thank you for making such wonderful 3D gardens!
It was so lovely to welcome parents and we all had a wonderful afternoon.
We also planted a sunflower seed!
We were very lucky to get invited to visit Tilly's grandma's wonderful garden. We had a tour and spotted daffodils, snowdrops, buds, a nest....and many more signs of Spring!
Then we all wrote a thank you card to Tilly's grandma.
We had such an exciting afternoon! Beth Dobbin, the athlete, came to school! We did 4 exercises for 1 minute each. We did press-ups, spotty dogs, jumping jacks and knee slides! Then we had an assembly when Beth explained her training, injuries, victories...
We are experimenting! We have planted 'from what we have'! We can't wait to see what grows, what doesn't and we will learn a lot from it.
On Monday, we had a great gymnastics session with Mrs Rosenthal. We moved high and low, fast and slow like different animals. We also used our balance to walk on apparatus!
Thank you to all the parents who attended the 'Phonics morning'! It was lovely to see the children so engaged and happy to share their learning. 
We will be having a 'Maths morning' next half term.
We made and ate a scrumptious apple pie! We are getting more and more confident and we are developing lots of skills: mixing, chopping, measuring... and taking turns!
Class 1 love underpants! The minimees got a treat this week ....
We made the most of the snow on Friday: snow print, snowballs, tracks, writing in the snow...
It was so much fun!
This week, we are learning about 'flat' 2 D shapes. We had to sort some shapes and explain our findings. We also made shapes with our bodies!
This week, we made some bird feeders to help out the birds during the cold winter.
Happy New Year 2017!
Welcome back to school after the Christmas break!
We are really good at taking turns to decorate our Christmas tree!
We have baked our own Christmas cake from scratch. It is delicious and we will sell  portions at our Christmas Fair on Saturday.
We have done some amazing writing this week: we wrote labels, a thank you letter and a lost poster. We even wrote in the snow!
wb 5.12.2016
We had the visit of a little mischievous elf this week! The children have helped him to be a good elf and to look after our classroom!
We were very lucky today! Mrs Allen came to school and made Christingles with the children. They look and smell amazing!
In PE today, we practised our aiming, throwing and catching skills. We played some games too!
w/b. 21.11.16
This week, our big is 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears'.
The children have enjoyed retelling the story with masks and puppets, setting the table for the 3 bears and discovering who was hiding under the oats....
We made delicious porridge and tasted it together.
We made food art using bread, butter, jam, blueberries and bananas. We use cutters and knife to spread.
Look at our cute bears!
Enterprise day!
The children in Class 1 and 2 worked as a team and created games for Class 3 and 4 to play. Our games were very popular and the children did a brilliant job at organising and running the games.
Then we had a lot of fun playing Class 3's games!
They were fab!
And then Class 4's games. They were great too!
This week was all about 'The 3 little pigs'!
In our funky fingers area, the challenge was to build a house for the 3 little pigs...Straw, sticks or bricks?
We also painted pigs, wolves and houses for our display!
We have tested different materials to check which would be best to resist the breath of the wolf! (we didn't have a wolf... a fan did a fab job!)
Look at our fantastic windmills for the little red hen!
Today we planted some winter plants for our outdoor area.
This week, our big book was 'The little red hen'. We wrote in seeds and flour; we planted and watered seeds. We even wrote our own 'little red hen' book!
We made our bread, just like the little red hen! We tasted it when it was still warm....scrumptious!
Wellies Wednesday:
The children were brilliant detectives and spotted lots of signs of Autumn: frost, red, yellow, brown leaves, berries, mushrooms, bare trees...
They took superb photos too!
Diwali, the festival of lights!
We celebrated in style: we created Mendhi and Rangoli patterns; we made beautiful diva lights, amazing Ganesh elephants and we acted out the story of Rama and Sita.
We made chapattis and delicious mango lassi!
We cut, mixed, measured, kneaded... busy, busy in the kitchen!
We tasted Indian food and our delicious Mango Lassi!
Look at our Mango Lassi moustache!
Thank you to all our wonderful parents for attending parents evening this week!
Welcome back after the half term break!
We hope that you all had a nice and restful week!
We are looking forward to this half term. It will be full of fun, learning, and discoveries!
Wellies Wednesday!
This week we made ephemeral art using natural resources; we made faces, bodies and some children even decided to write their names. We were careful to put the natural resources where we found them.
We had another great morning!
We loved making our papier maché balloon... We will make a hat or helmet once they have dried!
We made delicious fresh orange juice this morning.
We had to use different skills: cutting, squeezing, measuring and pouring.
We tasted it altogether and enjoyed it very much!
Super Wellies Wednesday!
We had a fab morning: splashing in puddles, making some great discoveries, playing in the woods and using our imagination!
We had our first cooking session this week. The children made their own play dough! 
They followed a recipe carefully; they had to measure, mix, knead...
Fantastic ideas and superb costumes for Roal Dahl dress up day!
Wonderful Wellies Wednesday!
We had a brilliant first outing. We can't wait for the next one!
What a fantastic first PE session with Mr Atkins this afternoon! The children did a warm up, then practised some different ways of moving and finally played a game.
Well done and thank you to all the children for a fabulous first day at school!
(Thank you to the parents too for being sooo brave!)
 A warm welcome to our new children!
School year 2016/2017
We can't wait to get to know you!
Well done to our Class 1 explorers!
We went on a expedition this morning to spot the signs of Summer! The children read a map, used their senses to spots signs of Summer and explored the woods. The children worked as a team to help each other, got quite muddy and had a lot of fun!
'I'm a parent, get me out of here!'
A big thank you to all our very courageous parents who took part in our challenges. We all had a fun afternoon and we now have a queen and a king of the jungle! Also a big thank you to the wonderful Class4 who helped us tremendously! 
We had a very exciting afternoon in Class1! Mr Leaman,the vet, gave us a fascinating and informative insight into his job. We learned a lot about caring for sick animals and the children asked prepared and relevant questions. A big thank you to Mr Leaman!
What an exciting day today! We have used the green screen app to pretend we went to the jungle! We wrote some speech bubbles too. We will use the pictures to make our own jungle book.
Super gym session today! We made letter shapes with our bodies to warm up, then we practised different balance poses and we traveled in different ways. Super work Class 1!
Welcome back!
We hope that you had a great Easter break.
Our new topic this half term is : Jungle!
The children had to find clues in the garden to guess our topic....They are great detectives!
Wow! Look at all these amazing projects! The children and their grown-ups have been soooooo creative!
Welldone Class 1 and thank you to the grown-ups!
Dinosaur tea party this afternoon in Class1!
We are looking forward to welcoming parents and carers from 2.30.
Thank you to all the grown-ups for attending our 'Challenge'.
We really enjoyed the story read by Mr Lee and we can't wait to discover the children's work!