Archive Class 3

On Friday 16th June, Class 3 went to Rutland Water to start our new science topic on habitats. We had a fantastic day pond dipping, birdwatching, willow weaving and minibeast hunting and classifying!
Whilst we were pond dipping we found newts, a newt tadpole, dragonfly nymphs, damselflies, pond skaters, greater water boatmen, lesser water boatmen, ramshorn snails, pea mussels and even a small leech! Everyone learnt lots about habitats and had great time exploring Rutland Water!
On Thursday, KS2 took 2 teams to the Tri-golf tournament at Brooksby College. We had a fantastic afternoon and used all the skills we learnt with Mrs Rozentals in our PE sessions to win the competition. We will now go on to the Super Series final on the 30th June to represent Melton and Belvoir! We've loved learning this new sport in PE and for some children it was their first ever time representing Stathern! Well done Team Stathern!!
Today we went to Belvoir Tennis Club and made lots of new friends and learnt great tennis skills!
On Tuesday 25th April, Beth from Helen O'Grady Drama helped us write a play in a day! As we are learning all about Spain this term we did our own version of the Spanish Armada! Thank you to everyone who came down to the hall and watched us perform- we had a great day!
WOW... what an amazing week we had for Science week! First we had a visit from Mrs Hincks who told us all about her career as a scientist and brought in lost of exciting things for us to do. Then we opened up our classroom to all of the parents and carried out experiments to find out which materials are conductors and which are insulators, we also had some fun with static electricity. Finally, we went to the Think Tank in Birmingham and discovered interesting facts about our body, looked at machines from the past and much more.
Class 3 have been taught by Miss Richardson, a trainee teacher from Nottingham Trent University, this half term. They wrote fantastic instructions and then made a delicious fruit salad!
This week, Class 3 found themselves in a crime scene. We collected evidence, took fingerprints and measured evidence to find out who commited the crime.We then made brilliant newspaper reports like this one...
Classes 3 and 4 put on a fabulous show with other schools from the area and below is a little video with some of the highlights!
Over the last two weeks, Class 3 were lucky enough to take part in some 'Forest School' activities in the woods. We had a great time making art, building dens, climbing trees and working together!
As the weather gets nicer we will be taking more of our lessons outdoors especially in maths.
Class 3 are nearly ready for our stage performance of, 'Get'cha head in the game.' Rehearsals are going well and we are so thankful to Clare Calder for teaching us great choreography! There are still tickets available from Melton Theatre.
Tonight Class 3 opened their doors and turned their classroom into a museum! It was a great success and hopefully everyone discovered lots about the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Well done Class 3 for all your hard work this term!
In our science lessons with Mrs.Waller we are learning about States of Matter. Last week we learnt about the formation of particles in solids, liquids and gases. This week we have set up an investigation to see how much gas weighs, we are testing different fizzy drinks to see which has the most carbon dioxide. We will find out the results next week.
Today, we played some communication games where the children had to rebuild a model but only one person could see it. We learnt lots about what skills we are good at and what we can improve on!
Class 3's theme this term is, 'Night at the Museum' and the children will be learning lots about Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings. First day back and we kicked it off with some art and research to find new and exciting things about the people who once lived in Britain.
Today we have been  celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday, as a part of theme week, by making a celebration cake and researching the Queen's family tree. We now know who the next person in line to the throne is and who is the best at icing yummy cakes!
Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic Easter. This term our theme is, 'Fiestas.' Please have a look at the exciting things Class 3 has to look forward to over the next 7 weeks in the curriculum plan below.
Mrs Minnnaar
Yesterday, the year fives were cycling around the village completing their level 2 bikeability award. They all passed and can now confidently and safely ride their bike on the road. Well done year fives!!!!
The children have been working really hard with their new gymnastics teacher, Mrs Rozentals, this week we put together different techniques to form sequences with cartwheels, headstands, handstands and point/patch balances!
We have had a brilliant half term learning lots of new things within our theme of, GAMING! The children have made electronic board games, designed their own maths quiz in coding, researched about the effects of gaming and which countries make the most revenue from computer games.
In English they used their research to carry out live debates and then wrote their own argument text persuading people to either agree or disagree whether children should play games everyday and play online.
Thank you so much to all the family members that joined us for our games morning. The children loved it and are really proud of everything they have produced and achieved this half term.
 Below is just a few photos from everything we have been doing in class ver the past few weeks.
Last Friday, we started off the Spring term with a day filled with script writing and performances.