Archive Class 2

A fun morning was had at Belvoir High School when Class 2 joined some of the other Vales schools for the yearly multi-skills tournament.
Class 2 had a lovely morning minibeast hunting in the woods, park and school garden. They found lots of different creatures and will be using their findings to produce some data handling graphs.
No maths homework this week as the children have some geography research homework about China. Due date for handing  is Friday 31st March. Thank you.
Easter Holiday Homework
Instead of the usual paper homework, the children have been set some homework on Reading Eggspress and Mathletics, I hope they enjoy it.
Enjoy the Easter Break and see you back on the 24th April 2017
Science Week
What a busy week! We had a real scientist visit us on Monday, our open morning on Tuesday, Mrs. King taught us on Wednesday and a superb whole school trip to Thinktank to finish a great week.
Thinktank was such a great science museum for the whole school to visit. Class 2 had a lot of fun in The City where they were doctors, road drain repairers, moved boats with water pressure and filled the locks. They had time outside in the Science Garden learning about different forces including water pressure, balancing, bridge building and resistance. Some children found the Recycling Plant and sorted the different materials into the correct containers. The All about Me section caused a few giggles especially the digestive system! We all enjoyed the workshop about fossils and dinosaurs, and found it very interesting.
Well done children, your behaviour was exemplary and you were real scientists investigating the different areas of science.
Mrs. King came to Class 2 and taught us about parts of a plant and their purpose, where our food grows and we finished by making Super Smoothies.
We learnt what Chlorophyll is and what it does for the plants, we separated the different coloured pigments using special scientific paper and water.  For our smoothies we mixed fruit and `superfood` vegetables, the choices were kale, spinach, beetroot, mangoes, strawberries and blueberries. We did enjoy tasting them, although there were some mixed responses!  Thank you so much Mrs. King, it was great.
Thank you to all the parents who came to our science week open morning. We really enjoyed working with you to set up some of our plant investigations. The children are watching the flowers and celery carefully to see if they change colour and what our seeds need to germinate into the hair of the potato men. Keep a look out for more photos when we have some results.
What a treat at the start of science week, a visit from a real life scientist. The children enjoyed learning how to use pipettes and scientific plates and asked some good questions.
Science Week 13th-17th March. 
We had a lovely visit to Mulberry House to see where Mrs. Marriott grows the flowers for her floristry business. She showed us some of the seeds she grows, we looked in the polytunnel  and talked about the purpose of the polytunnel. Then she showed us some flowers that she uses for the bouquets. Thank you very much from Class 2.
Despite the pouring rain we had a lovely visit to Patrick`s grandma`s house. We saw lots of the Spring flowers that we have been learning about plus lots more interesting trees and plants. The fishpond was superb and such big fish. The children really enjoyed planting their sunflower seed and guessing the number of ducks. Thank you for our visit.
We had a great final session at Forest School this week, survival was the theme and we became very good den builders. There was some great teamwork moving the logs and branches around the forest. The morning finished with toasting marshmallows on the fire, which was very exciting.
Plant hunting around the garden as part of our science lesson.Lots of excitement when they were found and we are beginning to be able to name some Spring flowers.
Our first visit to Forest School, what fun we had in the woods. We explored, we designed our own art, looked at all the nature around us and some of us had hot chocolate. Next visit is the 1st March 2017.
Mathletics has arrived in Class 2. The Year 2's have been learning how to use Mathletics, initially on the laptops but this week we have used the iPads which is so much fun. This week we have introduced it to some of the Year 1's and more children will gave a go next week. The children think it is great and it is consolidating their learning covering objectives from our class lessons. One child was heard saying " I am not going to give up, I am going to get 10/10"
We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in the classroom this week with some yummy food tasting.
In English we have been studying The Pied Piper as a story from another country. The children have completed their written work after acting out the story to music. They were brilliant and we have some good little actors in the class. Come to 'Film Night' and see our movie. 
The children made some ice catchers as part of our science topic on Seasons and Weather. They collected some nature items from the garden, put them in a tub and then filled them with water. Initially, we left them outside to freeze and had a good scientific discussion about why they had only frozen on the top. We then put them in the freezer so we could hang them up and watch them melt. The children loved this activity and were able to use their scientific vocabulary to explain what was happening.
Happy New Year and welcome back to another fun and exciting term. Our topic this term is Our World and Another, we will be comparing the UK with China including looking at the Chinese New Year. In English we will be looking at stories from other countries starting with The Pied Piper story from Germany, will be using drama and music to retell the story and making it into a movie. Our second story will be a story from China called the Magic Brush. We will be looking at the seasons and weather in science and after half term will be writing poems about the seasons as our English link. The children are all looking forward to our turn to experience forest schools, our first being on the 8th February.
Please watch out for photos and videos showing here on our class page.
A lovely trip to the theatre to see the Princess and the Frog with our friends from Class 1 as part of our traditional tales topic. The play was fabulous and included some our very own stars who got invited onto the stage
A big thank you to all the parents, grandparents and siblings who attended our Christmas market. It was great to see everyone enjoying our games and making sock snowmen and sock Rudolphs. The children really enjoyed preparing for it by making mince pies, chocolates and planning the games. 
Christmas is coming to Class 2.
Mrs. Allan visited us last week and we made Christingles, we sang along as she played her guitar. This week we have been busy with the KS1 nativity Whoops-a-Daisy, it was brilliant and we had lots of fun learning the songs and wearing our costumes.
In English we have been looking at the features of instructions. We had a fun morning following some instructions to make an Autumn hedgehog, bonfire picture, chocolate apples and poppies for Remembrance Day. 
Getting ready for the harvest festival, we had a fun twig and leaf hunt before our art and craft session.
Fantastic costumes to celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. Well done children, you all looked fabulous.
The children had a good afternoon using watercolours to paint their lighthouses. We had some excellent paintings which will be displayed in the classroom.
Welcome to Class 2, I hope you all had a great summer. I am looking forward to having fun with you all while learning through some exciting topics.  The children have settled very well into their new routine, well done to all of you.
Children had a great time rock pooling and were very excited when they found a crab, a jellyfish and a sea anemone. There were some very wet and soggy shoes as they paddled in the pools.
Final creations for the judging.
Residential 2016
The children had a great time on the beach starting with a sandcastle competition that finished with some amazing creations.
As part of our science lessons about bones we had a visit from Mrs.Daynes in her role as a physiotherapist, she also brought along a friend 'Boney Bob'. Mrs.Daynes talked to us about the different bones in our skeleton, the different types of joints and how they work and what the importance of our tendons are. She also talked about her job and showed us some exercises. The children found it really interesting, a big thank you to Mrs.Daynes for her time and expertise. 
Thank you to everyone who came in to help us with our powerpoints, we enjoyed having you working with us and hope you enjoyed it too. Our powerpoints are looking great and we are excited about showing them to each other.
We had an amazing day at Twycross Zoo! Despite the cold weather. We saw lots of different animals and enjoyed watching the monkeys playing and swinging on the ropes. It was an exciting moment when one of the gorillas decided to show who was boss! The children took part in a workshop about how animals adapt to their habitat. We met a chinchilla from South America and a Madagascan hissing cockroach.  The children were able to answer lots of questions and we were all very proud of them.
As part of our Science curriculum we have been learning about minibeasts. In these photos the children have been minibeasts hunting in the school garden. 
The grand opening of 100% plants was a great success. The children had a wonderful time selling the plants and working out the anagrams with parents or grandparents  to decide which soup to taste.  There are a few entrepreneurs in the making, deciding when prices should be reduced and offering buy one get one free to make sure they were not left with stock. Thank you to everyone who came and bought some plants and made it a great morning. The money made will be kept for further Class 2 projects. 
Welcome back after the Easter break, I hope you all had a good holiday.  This half term our topic is called Wonderful World. We will be combining our Geography and Science curriculum to find out lots of interesting information about the world. Look out for future information about another chance to visit the class and see what we have been upto.  Thank you Mrs. Waller
Grand opening of 100% Plants tomorrow. Come and buy some lovely plants and try our homemade soup and bread. Looking forward to seeing lots of you between 11.00 - 12.00.
Busy preparing and cooking the soup and bread for the grand opening on Thursday.
What fantastic gardens the children have built from their 2D designs. They have really risen to the challenge and excelled themselves. Thank you to all the parents who have helped the children to achieve such great results. Well done everyone. 
Star time has involved a Lego challenge to build an egg racer. The children worked in small groups to design their vehicle. After a practise race the vehicles were modified and a second race took place. 
Class 2 have been learning to play tennis in our PE lessons with Mr.Atkins. Look out for some great players at Wimbledon in the future. 
The children have been very busy in the garden centre this week. We received a request from another garden centre to help them with the work. Our sales and invoice departments were adding up the prices of the different plants required by the customers. The garden design department have been very busy pricing up their designs. 100%Plants staff have been very efficient and have worked hard.
It has been a busy first week back. We have been detectives in English and solving a crime by working out clues, in Maths we have been measuring and finding the perimeters of things around the playground and we enjoyed being garden designers. As part of our science lessons we have made some potato head men to test out the requirements for seeds to germinate. We are testing if they need light and soil or if they will germinate on cotton wool and in the dark, The children had great fun making them.
Class 2`s garden centre now has a name, voted for by the children.  It is called 100% Plants. We have a lovely selection of plants that we will look after for the next 3 weeks until our plant sale. Thank you to all who have donated, it is very much appreciated.
Welcome back from the half term break, hope you all had a good holiday.
I have added our curriculum map for the 2nd half of the Spring term. It is based as much as possible around plants. We shall be having lots of fun turning our classroom into a garden centre, we are looking forward to growing lots of different plants in preparation for our plant sale. Look out for your invitation to our plant sale and lunch provided by the children.
Holiday homework
The children have their usual spellings to learn plus a spellings activity. It would be great if they could all read and complete their present books.
I have set the children some writing homework in the form of instructions. Please talk and discuss the homework with them but they need to write the Instructions independently.  When I mark them it is helpful to see what the children can do and how they apply their skills.
Have a good half term break. 
Mrs. Waller
We have had fun testing to see which materials are magnetic or non magnetic. We discovered that some but not all metals are magnetic.
Our science topic this half term is all about Forces. We have completed investigations on friction and air resistance. For air resistance we tested  how to make the parachutes slow down, we found out that the bigger the parachute the slower it falls. We had fun investigating and dropping our parachutes from the tables. 
In our English lesson we wrote instructions to make jam sandwiches, we then made our sandwiches by following someone else's instructions. We had some unusual sandwiches which taught us how important it is to write clear instructions to have a successful outcome. It was fun especially as we could eat them at break time.
Year 3's wrote instructions to log on to the computer and find a given programme, these were the school website, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. We had a mixture of successes from, not being able  to turn it on, to successfully getting on the website. It was a great activity that  engaged everyone and reinforced the need for clear instructions.
We are looking forward to a new term in Class 2, which will focus predominantly on the curriculum area of Science. I have attached a planning map to show what we are going to be learning about during the 1st half term. Ms. Shezhad will be teaching majority of the lessons and will be with Class 2 for the next five weeks.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pop in and talk to myself or Ms. Shezhad. Thank you Mrs. Waller.